Get ready to use Amazon's Alexa to send friends money (CNET)

CNET tech reporter, Ben Fox Rubin, is out with a new report on how banks will soon be using Amazon's Alexa to transfer money and provide other services. He spoke with Daon's CEO, Tom Grissen and Pre-sales Engineer, Jason Beloncik, for a behind-the-scenes look at the technology innovated right here at Daon. Read the full article here.

Tom Grissen, Daon's CEO, talks facial recognition and Samsung's Galaxy S9 (American Banker)

Samsung launched the Galaxy S9 at Mobile World Congress 2018, promising a new dual-aperture camera that can produce clear pictures in low-light conditions, potentially encouraging banks to embrace facial recognition technology even more. In an article with American Banker, Daon's CEO, Tom Grissen, shares his thoughts on the new release and customers' need for convenient and secure authentication. Read more here.

Night of the Living Password (State of Identity Podcast)

State of Identity Host Cameron D'Ambrosi joins Conor White, Daon's President of Americas, in Night of the Living Password to discuss replacing passwords with multi-factor biometrics and how we're at the "tipping point" for the adoption of next-generation technologies. Listen to the podcast here.