Daon’s Identity Lifecycle, Identity Intelligence Management, and Mobile Authentication Solutions are Used Around the Globe


We have helped enterprise corporations and governments create, implement and maintain large-scale identity initiatives, leveraging the three components which comprise identity: biometrics, biographics and behavior.

At its simplest level, Daon technology gathers data points derived from an individual’s biometrics, biographics, behavior and time. Together, these data points are fused with their respective database components and registered – or linked – with matching data in assigned repositories.

This process, in combination with our ground-breaking products and consulting services, forms the basis for our Identity Management solutions, which have proven capabilities to scale to 1 million new identities daily.

Border Management & Immigration – Manage the flow of people across a nation’s borders and implement best practice immigration processes.

Employee Credentialing – Securely and efficiently credential employees or meet industry-specific credentialing requirements.

Large Scale & National ID – Issue and maintain national identity documents and the associated population register for government and private sector entities needing identity assurance services.

Registered Traveler & eGate – Ensure the successful delivery of improved traveler security and satisfaction through a strong, secure and flexible identity assurance platform.

Identity Providers (IDP) NSTIC – A collaborative White House initiative to fund development and piloting of Identity Management technologies that improve the security, privacy and convenience of online transactions.

Trusted Enrollment Services – Quickly deliver secure, high quality identity enrollment services to multiple customers via a complete platform. 

Biometric Features

  • Flexible Searching and Matching
  • Dynamic Matching Thresholds
  • Multi-modal Biometric Result Fusion
  • Vendor Independence

Identity Management Features

  • Population Management
  • Integration with External Systems
  • Standards Support

Infrastructure Features

  • Open / Extensible Architecture
  • Security Architecture
  • Security Architecture
  • Virtualized Environment Support
  • Systems Management Interface
  • Multi-Platform Support