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See why many of the world’s strongest brands chose Daon to help them build lasting trust with their customers.


From identity proofing and authentication to travel document validation, Daon’s products are designed to build lasting trust between you and your customer.

For over 20 years, Daon has been creating products designed to reduce fraud and improve user experience for customers spanning 6 continents. With over 100 biometric algorithms and more than 200 ground-breaking patents to our name, our products now process more than 250 million daily authentications at a rate that can surpass 4,000 per second.


5th generation platform designed to run on-premise or hosted in your cloud to meet internal requirements or external regulations.

SaaS-based platform that provides the speed, flexibility, and low overhead of managed hosting along with no-code, drag-and-drop orchestration.

Multi-factor authentication that offers a choice of factors for customers to build authentication processes that meet their business needs.

Highly-secure, server-based authentication for organizations that need to protect high-value data or meet specific regulatory standards.

Advanced proofing and verification with innovative anti-spoofing to allow for secure, confident onboarding of anyone, anywhere.

Low-friction authentication for mitigating fraud in contact centers and at voice-based access points to sensitive information.

The future of travel document management that removes stress for travelers and for the employees who help them get where they want to be.

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