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Young woman in healthcare setting with face shield

Your Best Defense Against Medical Identity Fraud

Our digital identity solutions accurately and reliably verify a user’s identity and confirm that identity for every medical transaction: from patient intake, to telehealth, payments, accessing records, prescribing or receiving controlled substances, to onboarding remote staff, and more.

With the healthcare industry leading the United States in identity fraud losses at tens of billions of dollars annually, it is vital for providers, insurers, and medtech companies to find the best ways to secure access to their systems. This need is only going to grow as healthcare data availability regulations from the 21st Century Cures Act continue to be implemented. Daon’s identity verification and authentication solutions provide the tools the healthcare industry needs to reduce fraud and improve operations.

Shore up the revenue cycle while reducing risk
The foundation of any medical practice is knowing the patient. Connecting their records, insurance, and services to biometric authentication built on a proven identity removes the risk inherent in complex medical operations, from billing and collection issues to identity fraud.

Increase patient engagement and satisfaction rates
Combining the secure, highly accessible nature of facial biometrics with true cross-channel digital identity capabilities allows patients to easily authenticate when and where it’s convenient for them, whether via mobile device, online, or even in a provider’s office. Add the ability to customize everything, from UI to patient journey, and you can truly create a patient-first experience with Daon technology.

Streamline and secure access to prescriptions
Control both patient and provider access to prescriptions and other controlled substances, like behind-the-counter medications, with age/identity access-controlled lock boxes and ATM-style vending systems. Minimize customer friction by safely expanding your delivery capabilities while streamlining resources and preventing theft.

Confidently onboard remote staff
Across the country or around the world, Daon’s identity verification allows you to be certain that your new staff members are who they say they are and have the credentials they claim to possess.

Daon Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

CIAM Platforms
The foundation of our Identity Continuity solutions. Choose from SaaS or hosted to match your needs and regulations.

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Identity Verification
Onboard new customers quickly, easily, and with confidence, no matter where they are.

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Identity Authentication
Provide the simplest, most secure access for any customer, in any channel.

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Contact Center Authentication
With advanced voice biometrics, you’ll always know who your service representatives are talking to.

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