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Daon & The Adventure Nexus Partner to Deliver Safe, Inclusive, and Accessible Tabletop Gaming Experiences

Fairfax, VA – [March 19, 2024] – Daon, the Digital Identity Trust company, is partnering with The Adventure Nexus (TAN), a web-based platform and community hub for players of Tabletop Games (TTGs), to create a safe, inclusive, and accessible gaming community that will remove barriers for players to game and prevent account and identity fraud. 

In this partnership, Daon will deliver its identity verification solution, xProof™, to help players and Game Masters (GMs) connect, run, and safely transact games. xProof is a digital identity application leveraging patented, AI-driven technology for fast, accurate, automated document verification and biometric face matching. The solution maximizes security and convenience, allowing players to confidently game with verified, known users. Using advanced presentation attack detection, xProof makes it easy for gamers to signup: they simply scan an ID and take a selfie. TAN also plans to leverage Daon’s registration matching technology, which keeps fraudsters and multi-account holders at bay through an enhanced verification process. Daon’s partnership with TAN will help foster safe online and in-person connections across a diverse range of tabletop experiences. 

TAN aims to create a one-stop shop for all things TTGs, making it easy for players to find and join games and for GMs to create and manage their own in-person adventures. According to Daon’s President of the Americas, Bob Long, “Daon is proud and excited to partner with The Adventure Nexus on this next-gen solution that will help gamers connect, build relationships in a safe and engaging way, and do what they love. We hope to grow with TAN in a way that allows the gaming community to grow, too.” 

From role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons to trading card games like Lorcana to strategy board games like Settlers of Catan, TAN caters to many interests. Live action role-playing (LARP) and Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) events can be planned and executed through the app, too. “At The Adventure Nexus, building a safe and inclusive community is paramount. Partnering with Daon allows us to implement industry-leading identity verification, ensuring that everyone feels secure and protected while connecting and enjoying their favorite tabletop games. This partnership signifies our commitment to fostering a trustworthy environment where players and Game Masters can come together with confidence,” said Ian Gauger, Founder and CEO. 

With the help of Daon’s identity security technology, TAN aims to bring people together safely, conveniently, and in a way that encourages everyone to game. The app is currently in Beta, but the upstate New York-based team has already made inroads with various gaming organizations in the area and plans to expand nationally over the next few months. “The Adventure Nexus provides us with the services that we absolutely need at our FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store). We need more eyes on our store and Adventure Nexus gets us in front of the kind of customers we want,” stated Joe, Owner of Unplugged Gaming in Manlius, NY.  

Gamers can sign up for Beta mode today to invite friends to The Adventure Nexus network and enjoy special avatars and custom borders. 

About Daon 
Daon, the Digital Identity Trust company, enables market-leading organizations worldwide to easily and accurately proof, verify, authenticate, and secure customer identities at every trust point across the entire customer lifecycle. With industry-leading identity verification and biometric authentication technologies at its core, Daon’s technology ensures that customer identities are accurately verified, safely secured, and easily recovered. By mitigating fraud, reducing friction, and ensuring regulatory compliance, Daon helps businesses deliver a seamless customer experience, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce costs. Daon delivers these solutions through its AI and ML-powered IdentityX® platform, chosen by leading companies in financial services, telco, travel & hospitality, and other industries to secure and process hundreds of millions of digital identity transactions daily. Learn more at 

About The Adventure Nexus 
The Adventure Nexus is a web-based platform and community hub for players of Tabletop Games (TTGs) and Game Masters (GMs) to connect, run, and safely transact games. It is now in Beta with the goal of creating a one-stop shop for all things TTGs, making it easy for players to find and join games, and for GMs to create and manage their own adventures.