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Woman authenticating on laptop

Identity Authentication

Get simple, secure multi-factor authentication experiences for any customer, anywhere, in any channel – mobile, web, contact center, or in-person. From traditional to passwordless, choose from methods that meet the needs of your organization and your customers’ journeys, including knowledge, possession, and inherence-based factors.

Experience the Benefits of Low-Friction Authentication

Daon offers a suite of device and server-based multi-factor authentication solutions; you pick what's right for your organization.

  • Choose your authentication factors, or let your customers choose
  • Increase customer satisfaction by simplifying interactions
  • Reduce the need for identity recovery
  • Mitigate identity fraud

Daon is a Frost Radar™ Leader for Biometric Authentication Solutions

Identity authentication is the process of validating a known user to grant them access to an account, device, or service. Common authentication factors include “what you know” (knowledge: password, security question), “what you have” (possession: one-time password, or OTP, registered mobile device), and “who you are” (inherence: facial, voice, and fingerprint biometrics). In order to maximize the effectiveness of authentication, it is recommended to use two or more factors. The challenge with authentication is to balance security with the friction it may give the customer.

Integrating biometrics into the authentication process is the first step to strengthening security while improving the customer experience. As physical authentication factors, biometrics have the inherent benefit that they cannot be lost, stolen, or replicated, and that using them is as easy as looking into a camera, touching a sensor, or saying a few words. Integrating biometric factors with a second, preferably passwordless factor creates the strongest form of authentication security. This can even be done “invisibly” by using a second factor that authenticates the user through a registered device.

All of Daon’s authentication products offer multi-channel solutions and can be directly integrated with or without verification solutions to create a seamless customer journey that we call Identity Continuity.

Daon offers three authentication products to fit your business requirements:

Multi-factor authentication that offers a choice of mobile, web, and cross-channel factors for customers to build authentication processes that meet their business needs.

Learn About xAuth

Highly secure, server-based facial biometric authentication for organizations that need to protect high-value data or meet regulatory standards.

Learn About xFace

Low-friction authentication for mitigating fraud in contact centers and other voice-based access points to sensitive information.

Learn About xVoice

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t identity authentication the same thing as Face ID on my phone?
Yes and no. While the technology is similar, Face ID lacks some of the strength built into our authentication tools. The most obvious difference is that Face ID can be easily overridden with a PIN, which is one of the least secure forms of authentication. The good news is that our authentication tools can augment an existing Face ID system to make it stronger.

Are passkeys the same thing – a passwordless form of authentication?
Passkeys are a promising alternative to passwords, but like Face ID, there are limitations to how secure they can be. Based on FIDO specifications, passkeys are device-based, which means they can be susceptible to the security of the device itself. Also like Face ID, Daon’s authentication solutions can be used to augment passkeys to increase their level of security.

If biometrics are so secure, why do I need more factors?
While biometrics is a huge step forward from passwords and other legacy authentication solutions, no single security solution is 100% safe or immune to fraud. Adding a second factor brings your identity security that much closer to being totally infallible.

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