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See why many of the world’s strongest brands chose Daon to help them build lasting trust with their customers.

Digital Identity Certifications and Why They Matter

Daon is certified under the UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework (DIATF).

November 9, 2023

Real-world problems and successful services delivery require technical solutions that are as innovative as they are practical and secure. Working with a trusted digital identity partner that’s not only experienced, but certified, can mean the difference between investing in identity solutions that are battle-tested and proven or having to navigate data breaches, friction, fraud losses, and customer churn.

Digital identity certifications establish trust between the service provider and its client by asserting that due diligence, robust product testing, and industry research have been undertaken during the solution’s development.

But how can you be sure your digital identity partner has the experience, not just the qualifications, that you need to secure your data and safely serve your organization’s customers?

DIATF: who, what, where, and why

DIATF, the UK trust framework created to improve confidence in identity assurance, ensure consistent delivery of best practices, and accelerate digital identity innovation, is maturing past initial right to work, right to rent, and DBS (disbarring services, or criminal record checks) scheme adoption.

The forthcoming introduction of digital identity regulation under DPDI2 in early 2024 will create an identity environment primed for greater service adoption, data sharing, inclusivity, and trust. These changes will create more confidence in UK digital IDs and in reusable identities across the globe.

To know that Identity, Attribute, Technology, and Wallet providers are certified increases relying party trust. It allows specialists, such as Daon (certified as an IDSP, ASP, and Technology Provider), to help organizations revolutionize the way in which trust is created digitally.

The endgame of DIATF is to make reusable identity, like digital wallets/IDs, more mainstream; its adoption will undoubtedly serve as a building block in the acceleration of digitization around the world. DIATF also aims to ensure global interoperability with emerging frameworks everywhere, including eIDAS in the EU; NIST in the U.S. (standards which are most well-known for governing biometrics technology), TDIF in Australia, PCTF in Canada, and ETDA in Thailand.

Using the DIATF certification framework as an example, it’s evident how futureproof digital identity assurance solutions are required for everyone to be able to participate in the global economy and to have equitable access to the life-affirming (and necessary) services they need. An innovative identity ecosystem provides the foundations for trust in public sector services and beyond, enabling collaborative thinking and increasing cross-industry economic opportunities.

Why now? Why Daon?
Recent advancements in UK governance, standards, and interoperability have provided the right conditions for Daon to achieve DIATF certification. As a company that is highly attuned to the market while always looking towards the future, changes in the UK digital identity landscape have aligned with Daon’s commitment to providing Identity Continuity for seamless, continuous proofing, authentication, and account recovery services and consistent delivery of quality user outcomes.

The move towards a fully implemented trust framework in the UK – one that will be governed effectively and written into law – is a critical first step towards achieving digital identity services for all. DIATF has created a path for the adoption of further use cases, full lifecycle digital identity, interoperability, and increased collaboration across industries.

Alongside governance and the DIATF standards framework is the need for common ways to convey and share data and information. The strides made to resolve these issues, such as the OIDF’s (OpenID Foundation’s) OpenID Connect for identity assurance, offer real potential for continued innovation in digital identity and for a more connected global identity system. In a similar vein, Daon looks forward to DPDI2 going live in early 2024 and the actions of its new digital identity regulator, OfDIA, having a real impact on the identity ecosystem.

Our registration as a certified IDSP across several global frameworks is a continuation of Daon’s ongoing work as an identity innovator. Daon welcomes the framework and its continuing work to be inclusive and adaptive as schemes are considered for new use cases and alignment with AML/KYC regulations. With the DIATF specifications and governance coming into alignment, we’re excited to contribute to the next evolution in DSIT and ODIA strategies through our trusted solutions and the expansion of digital identity use cases.

Daon’s adoption of the UK’s DIATF (Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework) certification re-emphasizes our commitment to security and customer experience, confirming what our clients have always known: Daon is a true digital identity partner, not just a vendor. Our certification as an additional quality signal provider will only accelerate successful onboarding and supplier adoption processes, as well as create trust across users’ digital identity journeys.

Experience matters

While it’s clear that certifications are key to comprehensive and successful changes to the digital identity sector – and to how providers can better serve their customers within these frameworks – what’s equally as important to consider is an organization’s industry experience and track record.

Daon has been providing identity assurance solutions on a global scale for over 20 years. We’ve helped verify over one billion identities (and counting!) and perform 250 million+ authentications daily.

Our identity verification and authentication solutions, alongside our expertise in biometrics, are trusted around the world to support commercial and government identity ecosystems, including MyGovID in Ireland, ConnectID in Australia, RealMe in New Zealand, and BankID in Sweden.

As decentralized, self-sovereign identity systems become the common denominator, Daon is excited to be at the forefront of creating truly reusable digital identity through Identity Continuity, the unique and proven strategy behind our identity assurance solutions.

Identity Continuity is Daon’s market-leading approach to establishing lifelong trust with customers throughout their entire digital identity journey. Our approach means saying good bye to thinking of each account interaction as a discreet transaction with rigid verification requirements, implementing siloed processes behind proofing, authentication, and recovery, and the adoption of a one-size-fits-all mentality towards customer experience.

With Identity Continuity, identity experiences are treated as journeys that are as unique as each individual customer and tailored to fit the needs of each use case. Identity Continuity is an end-to-end service across a customer’s entire lifecycle – with any company, and in any industry.

The foundation of Identity Continuity is the concept that each customer uses a single identity, established once and seamlessly authenticated going forward, that is viewed wholistically by the organization to which they wish to onboard or access an account with. Their identity is accessible through any channel – web, apps, contact centers, kiosks, in-person – any time, with low friction and seamless movement between channels.

Our expertise in innovative biometrics and AI, including patented technology and advanced fraud protection, have already made Daon the identity partner of choice for some of the world’s most iconic brands.

Thinking ahead
Combined with Daon’s patented, innovative biometric technology and AI-powered anti-fraud protection, Identity Continuity forms the foundation for reusable identities of the future and underpins our commitment to building that future now.

Widespread DIATF accreditation will only increase the level of technological sophistication required for both third parties and service providers to keep up with the digital world across any industry. By choosing a certified identity partner, your organization can stay two steps ahead.

Learn more about Daon’s innovative digital identity solutions.