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With nearly a quarter century of experience in biometric technology and identity assurance, the team at Daon brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. From experts in science, engineering, software development, and implementation, to educators and thought leaders in the fields of AI, biometrics, and digital identity, Daon can offer valuable information about many of today’s most vital topics.

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Our media kit provides logos in vector and PNG format along with a media guide that covers general brand language, brand standards, and logo usage guidelines.

If additional materials are needed for a publication involving Daon, please contact [email protected].

By downloading Daon’s media kit, you represent that you are a member of the news media or have been given written permission by an authorized representative of Daon for the use of the brand. Use of any element of the Daon brand outside of these guidelines is not permitted.

Thought Leadership

Daon’s thought leaders publish blog posts on a regular bases that cover a variety of topics across our and our customer’s industries. Each of these piece is avaialbe as a reference and can be made available for reprint. Please use the form below for inquiries.

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Thought leader interviews. Event speakers. Article co-writing. General knowledge transfer. Let us know how Daon can help you spread knowledge about our areas of expertise and we will do our best to support your effort.