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See why many of the world’s strongest brands chose Daon to help them build lasting trust with their customers.

Identity Assurance for Financial Services

Advanced security and identity assurance solutions you can take to the bank – backed by over 20 years of partnership with the world’s leading banking, credit union, insurance, and wealth management organizations.

Since Daon’s inception, providing financial services organizations with seamless, secure, and simple digital identity journeys has been a key focus of ours. We understand the risk and regulatory challenges faced by the industry, especially as the sophistication and breadth of identity crimes grow at a rapid pace.

Daon’s digital identity solutions allow financial services providers to remain compliant while still delivering consistent, frictionless customer experiences to their increasingly demanding client base through all channels: mobile, web, call center, and even in-person. Our solutions are designed to help financial organizations know their customers (KYC) from the very first interaction to the next authentication and beyond. We call this all-encompassing service delivery approach Identity Continuity, and it’s the backbone of Daon’s cutting-edge technology.

Safeguard your customer’s assets by protecting their digital identity
Having confidence that your customer is truly who they claim to be – and not a fraudster using stolen identity credentials – is the first step to establishing trust for any financial transaction. Daon’s identity verification solutions are powered by AI and machine-learning algorithms to provide enhanced document verification and perform instant liveness detection checks so your organization can always ensure it’s doing business with a genuine person.

Maintain compliance from KYC to AML and beyond
Daon understands the importance of compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. Our solutions have been developed for over 20 years to provide advanced biometrics and document verification technologies that are battle-tested and proven to keep your CIAM secure and fraudsters at bay. But we’re not stopping there. Our scientists and engineers are working daily to make sure our solutions are ready for the next challenge our customers will face.

Daon Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

CIAM Platforms
The foundation of our Identity Continuity solutions. Choose from SaaS or hosted to match your needs and regulations.

Learn About Our Platforms

Identity Verification
Onboard new customers quickly, easily, and with confidence, no matter where they are.

Learn About Our IDV Solutions

Identity Authentication
Provide the simplest, most secure access for any customer, in any channel.

Learn About Our Authentication Solutions

Contact Center Authentication
With advanced voice biometrics, you’ll always know who your service representatives are talking to.

Learn About Our Contact Center Solutions

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