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Contact Center Authentication

Authenticate any caller’s identity with liveness and synthetic voice detection, intelligent routing, and multi-factor step-up authentication, all with little to no friction for your customers. The future is calling – will you pick up the phone?

Experience the Benefits of Voice Authentication

Daon's solution is specifically designed for the unique needs of contact centers.

  • Mitigate identity fraud
  • Reduce average call handling time
  • Enjoy cross-channel authentication and a single, central identity for each customer across their lifecycle
  • Increase customer satisfaction with intelligent routing

Say goodbye to weak, knowledge-based security factors (like PINs), frustrated callers, and increased operating costs and hello to biometric voice authentication, options for secure integration with mobile apps, intelligent routing, and cross-channel authentication for any customer, anywhere.

Call centers and contact centers are a magnet for identity fraud and the increasingly sophisticated fraudsters who infiltrate the CIAM of many organizations through weak authentication factors. That’s why we built our innovative solution to give you and your customers a combination of two things that are typically considered at odds when it comes to contact center authentication: advanced security that is low friction.

4 Strategies for Protecting Your Contact Center

Learn how to save money and improve customer experience while protecting your contact center from identity fraud.

Once they give their consent, our contact center solution allows customers to onboard in the background – while they are doing business with one of your representatives – with no extra effort on their part. From that point on, any time they interact with your contact center, they are automatically authenticated.

The product behind our contact center solution is our biometric voice authentication offering, xVoice, which can be integrated into your existing contact center platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

With call centers and contact centers experiencing more fraud than any other channel, what should I do first to protect my customers and data?
Implementing multi-factor authentication with voice biometrics is a huge step towards mitigating these risks. With xVoice and registered device authentication through xAuth as a second factor, you can create a nearly invisible layer of protection.

How do your contact center solutions combat the fact that AI can accurately simulate the human voice and even match individual voices with deepfakes?
AI is and will continue to be a challenge for the identity security industry, but we use a number of liveness detection techniques to prevent replay (authentication through a recording). Our team of scientists and engineers has also created a tool specifically designed to determine if an audio feed is human or synthetic, without the use of biometrics or any PII required. xSentinel can be added to any voice communication system to provide real-time, agnostic language and dialect  analysis of every call coming into your call center.

What types of businesses require “strong authentication” for their contact centers?
Any organization that can provide access to or share details about financial or other high-value information will benefit from advanced authentication techniques. Financial services, healthcare, the public sector, and telecom are the most obvious examples of industries that should consider adding advanced security to their call centers and contact centers.

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