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See why many of the world’s strongest brands chose Daon to help them build lasting trust with their customers.

Expanding the Reach of Controlled Retail

Our digital identity solutions accurately and reliably verify age and identity to secure and automate access to restricted purchases online, at kiosks, and in person, eliminating employee error and potential financial penalties.

The confluence of the retail and identity security industries is a novel development – which means the opportunities for innovation are endless. Innovation is part of Daon’s DNA, and it’s why we are proud to be pushing the limits of what’s possible with some of the world’s most cutting-edge retail organizations.

Daon’s first foray into the retail space was through working with a partner company to bring alcohol vending machines to sports stadiums. By leveraging our identity verification and authentication technology, patrons are able to pre-establish their age and then use their mobile phone to provide proof of age at purchase, giving them more time to watch the game and less time spent standing in line.

Our advanced document verification technology takes the guesswork out of whether an identity document is real, valid, and unaltered, eliminating the concern of fake IDs when providing access to consumers. Tying this verification to facial biometrics then ensures that the document really belongs to the consumer, allowing businesses to implicitly trust the interaction. Add in the fact that facial authentication is extremely low-friction for the consumer, and the opportunities for the retail market are endless.

Remove the risk of human error from age checks
Identity authentication with Daon’s technology can happen as fast or faster than a human ID check and is significantly more accurate. Our AI-powered technology can see things the human eye cannot, helping businesses avoid licensing issues and fines.

Eliminate membership sharing
Onboard your customers with biometrics instead of a password and you can be sure that they are truly the individual using your service – every time. All it takes is a quick facial scan when they enter the building or connect online.

Reduce the burden of behind-the-counter services
Leveraging dispensing machines that know who is interacting with them opens up retail opportunities, allowing your staff to deal with things that are more important than opening a locked cabinet.

Daon Solutions for the Retail Industry

CIAM Platforms
The foundation of our Identity Continuity solutions. Choose from SaaS or hosted to match your needs and regulations.

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Identity Verification
Onboard new customers quickly, easily, and with confidence, no matter where they are.

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Identity Authentication
Provide the simplest, most secure access for any customer, in any channel.

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