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See why many of the world’s strongest brands chose Daon to help them build lasting trust with their customers.

The Daon Customer Experience

Daon believes in:

  • Strong customer relationships
  • Proactive engagement
  • Continuous and consistent support
  • Company-wide customer advocacy

At Daon, we don’t just think of ourselves as a technology provider. Instead, we strive to be a partner in achieving your business goals.
Our Customer Success team leads that effort. From helping you choose the right identity verification and authentication technologies to addressing a critical need to customizing a solution that fits your unique use case, Daon’s commitment to customer experience is just another thing that sets us apart in the identity market.

Partnership approach

The first step Daon takes in each customer engagement is understanding the success factors that must be met and the resources that are available. These key elements set the foundation for the implementation and ongoing support of the solution, and the role Daon will play.

Flexible engagement model

By configuring each engagement to meet the specific business needs, regulations, processes, and capabilities of each customer, Daon optimizes the delivery of every solution and enables the customer to run them at scale.

Dedicated point-of-contact

Each customer is assigned a technical POC as the key coordinator for their implementation. Customers are given the option of a shared project coordinator or a Technical Account Manager (TAM) dedicated to their organization.

All-access pass

Daon employs many talented engineers, scientists, cloud services experts, project managers, and legal/regulatory specialists, all of whom can be made available to assist our customers with product implementation and support, strategy, processes, and education.

The TAM Advantage

Daon customers who opt for our Technical Account Manager (TAM) service are provided with a dedicated Daon team member as a single point of contact. A TAM provides several valuable services to your organization.

  • Use case- and solution-specific advisory services
  • Guidance with process improvement and platform expansion
  • Technical project management of new in-flight initiatives
  • Collaboration with other Daon team members for advice/assistance
  • Access to best practices and experience from Daon customers
  • A regular cadence of updates and informational meetings with key stakeholders

Daon’s Customer Success and Support teams are dedicated to providing a full range of services, from implementation through the entire lifetime of each customer relationship. By using Daon’s highly experienced subject matter experts, scientists, architects, developers, and consultants, our teams deliver best-in-class service.

To quote one of our internationally known customers, “When Daon say they are going to do something, they get it done.”



  • Design and planning
  • Installation
  • Systems integration
  • API support
  • Branding and customization
  • Project management
  • Upgrade assistance
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Load testing
  • Troubleshooting



  • Instructor-led training classes delivered at customer locations
  • Virtual instructor-led offerings
  • Self-paced online learning



  • Goal-driven program planning
  • Ongoing requirements setting and solution strategies
  • Alignment of activities and resources to meet strategic customer goals
  • Advisement on best practices and methodologies
  • Success measurement
  • Proactive identification of risks and issues

Empowering our customers

The Customer Success team at Daon doesn’t stop with providing support. They also offer training and educational services for each of our customers, right from the start. By focusing on empowering our customers with knowledge of both the possibilities available to them and the solutions they’re implementing, we are able to accelerate the implementation process and ensure they have everything needed to maximize the effectiveness of that solution.

The educational efforts of our Customer Success team also serve to help our customers determine the next right step for their organization. Our team can provide the in-depth knowledge, strategic analysis, and technical details required to make sound business decisions.

Put Our Service to the Test

Want to know more about the Daon customer experience? Or, maybe you just have a question, like, "What's the best way to implement passkeys?" Or, "What identity solution best fits my use case?" Let our Customer Success team show you the Daon Difference.