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Biometric facial authentication that adds a layer of security to meet regulatory requirement standards.

Key Features and Benefits

Advanced anti-spoofing technology
The liveness detection leveraged by xFace is iBeta Level 1 & 2-certified, has been certified via NIST FRVT testing for 1:1 and 1:N identification, and has been reviewed by the NPL in the UK.
KYC- and AML-compliant
Designed to meet the strict regulatory standards for Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering, xFace is ideal for your most secure online transactions.
True cross-channel support
Authenticate across mobile, web, and even in-person channels with a single technology. xFace can even be initiated through a mobile app from a call center to confirm caller identity.
You are in control
Unlike the yes/no black box of 3rd party biometrics, xFace gives you visibility into the matching probabilities and lets you manage pass/fail to balance between security and user experience.
Simplify device registration and recovery
Server-based biometrics can be used to authenticate from any device, which allows organizations to simplify registration and recovery with a reliable facial match.

How It Works

xFace is available through mobile apps, websites via web cam, or kiosks with cameras. The interface of each can be fully customized to your organization’s brand standards.

When a customer attempts to access their account, they are asked to scan their face. The interface provides prompts to assist in capturing a suitable image and may look for a specific liveness action to take place. An image is automatically captured when all factors are met.

Instantly, the image is both checked against anti-spoofing factors and matched to the biometric on file. If it meets the set standards, the customer is either granted access or moved to a second factor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose server-based biometrics over device-based biometrics?
Server-based biometrics offer a step up in overall security by removing potential device security issues from the equation. While device-based biometrics might be fully suitable for general access, server-based biometrics would be preferred for high-value access use cases, like moving money, changing PII, etc.

Can I trust that my customer’s biometric data will be safe on a server?
Absolutely. All of our biometric data is encrypted, so even if it was accessed, which has never happened, a key would be required to decipher it. Even if that were to happen, unlike passwords and PINs, biometrics can’t be reverse engineered in a way that it could be used to gain system access.

Do I need to add a second authentication factor when using xFace?
We always recommend multi-factor authentication for the highest level of security. While xFace can leverage registered device as an invisible authentication factor when using a mobile app, its cross-channel capabilities would require a different secondary factor when accessing an account through a website or kiosk to provide multi-factor protection.

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