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See why many of the world’s strongest brands chose Daon to help them build lasting trust with their customers.


Virtually eliminate ID fraud during onboarding with identity proofing and verification that leverages advanced document verification and facial biometrics to minimize friction and maximize compliance. Powered by proprietary algorithms, AI, and machine-learning for accurate document verification, and featuring industry leading presentation attack detection, xProof gives you everything you need to securely know your customer anytime, from anywhere.

Key Features and Benefits

Onboarding made easy
Scan an ID document or its NFC. Snap a selfie. Done. xProof helps minimize abandonment rates, improve customer satisfaction, and make your organization more accessible.
Industry-leading document matching
Daon’s document verification stack tests each ID document against multiple, patented verification checks that ensure the document is real, valid, and unaltered—in seconds.
Maximum presentation attack defense
From iBeta tested ISO 30107-3 Level 1 and 2-compliant liveness detection to third-party validated protection against injection, 3D artifacts, and more, xProof has you covered.
Out-of-the-box compliance
The ID verification and 1:N watchlist capabilities of xProof help to assure that your organization meets AML/KYC compliance standards.
True cross-channel support
Functionality across mobile, web, kiosk, and even on-site channels allows your organization to onboard customers from wherever they are—all into a central system.
International reach
xProof is capable of processing ID documents from nearly every country in the world, letting you onboard new customers no matter where your organization, or they, are.
Positive customer experiences
Leverage face scans like those customers already use to access their devices to build trust with a UX that’s not only secure, but convenient, helping you attract and retain loyal customers.
Customer transparency
Over 20 data points are available for capture during the document verification process, giving you the information you need to build customer profiles and cross-check form entries.
Contiguous identity compatibility
Integrate with Daon’s platforms and authentication products to create secure, central, and singular customer identities that transfer across applications and channels.
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Step 1
The Customer confirms their consent to have their biometric information captured for authentication.

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Step 2
The app guides in the capture of a front side identity document image which is instantly subjected to anti-fraud checks.

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Step 2b
The document back image may also be captured and checked for fraud and against the data from the front.

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Step 3
The app guides in the capture of a selfie that is checked for liveness and matched to the image from the identity document.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I add xProof to my identity workflows?
Identity Proofing and Verification is the only way to truly know if a customer onboarding digitally is who they claim to be. By using xProof, you can meet KYC and AML requirements and have the same level of trust in your customer relationship as you would if they had onboarded in person.

Will xProof work with my customer’s identity documents?
Yes. xProof is capable of verifying documents from all 195 countries.

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