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See why many of the world’s strongest brands chose Daon to help them build lasting trust with their customers.

Retail Automation

Provide quick and secure access to products that require age or identity verification for proper delivery, protecting your customers and your bottom line. Daon’s identity verification and authentication solutions can control access to a full range of vending devices and automated lockers, creating opportunities to expand your reach, reduce overhead, prevent fraud, avoid fines, and increase customer satisfaction.

Instant. Simple. Secure.

Dispensing access controlled products just got faster, easier, and less susceptible to fraud

  • Increase customer satisfaction and delivery voulme by reducing wait times
  • Expand to new, previously unavailable markets without adding headcount
  • Increase security by eliminating human error from the ID verification process
  • Reduce costs and increase performance through staff optimization and redistribution of responsibilites

Integrating Daon’s identity verification and authentication solutions into automated retail devices allows businesses to create a low-overhead, customer-friendly solution for distributing any product that requires either proof of identity or proof of age for purchase approval. From ballparks to pharmacies, airports to dispensaries, and box stores to convenience stores, the applications for verified identity in automated retail are nearly limitless.

This new technology eliminates the need for keeping products behind a counter, having locked cabinets in your aisles, or requiring cashiers to check IDs. By moving to a secure, self-service model, you’ll not only free up your staff to attend to other responsibilities, but you’ll increase the speed at which these purchases can occur, allowing for higher throughput and a better customer experience. The simplicity of operation can also dramatically reduce wait times for picking up online orders without increasing staffing, even for something as important as a prescription.

Automated retail devices using Daon technology create new opportunities to get products to customers wherever they need them – even outside of traditional sources. By eliminating the concern of who is purchasing the product, you can provide any product, practically anywhere. Need a decongestant during a layover between flights? If there’s an automated retail machine providing behind-the-counter pharmaceuticals in the terminal, you’re covered. Tired of missing the big play while waiting in line to buy your favorite beer at the stadium? These machines are both faster and take up less space than bars, so there can be more of them. Worried that someone else might try to pick-up your high-dollar online purchase? When your face is the key to accessing the delivery locker, worry no more. And that’s just the beginning…shopping centers, festivals, conferences, and really any place where many people gather could benefit from implementing automated retail to meet their customers’ needs, all without the fear of products ending up in the wrong hands.

How it Works

When it comes to the dispensing of access-controlled products, identity verification is the first step to protecting yourself and your customers. This process takes place when new customers access the automated retail application and involves capturing both an identity document and a facial biometric, ensuring both are live, valid, and unaltered, and then making sure that they match. During this step, information like the user’s age, membership status, or other qualifying data can be verified.

The second step to getting your customers the products they need is authentication, which happens at the point of purchase/delivery to confirm that it is in fact the registered user who is acquiring the product. The user approaches the device that they want to access. Instructions are provided on how to either use an on-device interface or connect to an app on their mobile device. They then confirm their identity through a facial biometrics match. Finally, they complete their transaction. It’s really that simple and extremely secure, thanks to Daon’s industry-leading technology.

Daon currently partners with BizBoxes to provide turnkey solutions for businesses in the retail, sports/entertainment, and healthcare spaces that want to add automated retail to their product delivery offerings. Their mobile app-enabled interface works will all types of automated retail devices, including vending, ATM-style pick-up, automated robot delivery, and locker-style pick-up.

Connect with us to learn more about this offering from Daon and BizBoxes.

Daon’s identity verification and authentication solutions can be integrated into new or existing applications for managing your own automated retail systems. Our drop-in SDK makes it quick and easy to secure your application and provides the necessary customer data to control identity and age-specific transactions.

Daon leverages two of our key products to support our automated retail solution:

Identity proofing & verification with industry-leading document verification and top-rated anti-spoofing technology.

Learn About xProof

Highly secure, server-based facial biometric authentication for organizations that need to protect high-value data or meet regulatory standards.

Learn About xFace

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this solution available globally?
Yes, Daon’s technology can integrate into retail automation management apps in any country. Our identity verification product, xProof, has successfully verified documents in over 100 countries and is capable of verifying all legal identity documents. It should be noted that the ability to deploy this solution is subject to local regulations.

Are people really going to be willing to scan their face and ID to get a beer?
Our technology has already been deployed for adult beverage distribution in the American Airlines Center and during a major golf tournament. It has proven to be very popular for its speed and convenience.

Can I really trust this technology to know who is buying my product?
Daon’s technology is relied upon by some of the biggest names in the financial services industry to provide identity-based access to their clients’ accounts. Our solutions provide the highest level of reliability when it comes to knowing your customer.

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