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The system within a platform that controls the configurations of individual components in a workflow, how those components interact with each other, and the sequence of the flow.

Orchestration allows any organization to build intuitive identity journeys, both by managing the onboarding process and by granting consistent and safe access to the organization’s applications/services, no matter the authentication factors used or through which channel they are accessed.

Orchestration can best be conceptualized as a workflow or drag-n-drop system. With orchestration, the user journey for customers can be built, deployed, tested, and modified, all without the need to be an IT expert or have any knowledge of coding. The platforms which enable orchestration are built to be customizable yet simple by design, allowing the organization to give users the seamless identity journey they crave while maintaining the ability to fine-tune that journey, creating a truly unique, secure, and frictionless user experience.

A flexible and adaptive framework, orchestration solutions typically consist of a seamless integration between components including identity verification, authentication, and recovery, along with the integration of third-party applications. More advanced orchestration systems offer a low-code/no-code interface, the ability to A/B test, and built-in reporting.

Orchestration technology has become more and more sophisticated over the years and has cemented itself as a critical component of any organization’s CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) security strategy. At Daon, our TrustX, IdentityX, and VeriFLY products all feature either built-in orchestration or orchestration compatibility via 3rd party connectors.

Daon employs orchestration in 3 of its products, IdentityX, TrustX, and VeriFLY.
IdentityX uses orchestration to build workflows that span the entire customer lifecycle, from IDV to authentication to recovery.

Learn About IdentityX

TrustX offers our most advanced low-code/no-code, drag-and-drop orchestration solution to allow organizations to easily manage their own user journeys.

Learn About TrustX

VeriFLY uses orchestration to create custom user journeys for travel organizations’ embarkation documentation processes.

Learn About VeriFLY

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need orchestration?
Every business that deals with data access needs to provide access to that data, and they need to provide it to different types of people. The access method that fits one group is likely very different for another. Orchestration lets you create individual journeys for these disparate groups to keep your data safe and your customers and employees happy.

Will the systems I currently use work in an orchestration model?
Probably. That being said, the level of effort required to connect various tools is entirely dependent upon the orchestration layer. The orchestration built into Daon’s TrustX platform was specifically designed to make it easy to connect to third-party applications.

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