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Reduce stress for your customers and your employees by simplifying the travel documentation process. With 45% faster queuing times, an over 90% in-app satisfaction rating, and the ability to lessen operating costs by 30%, VeriFLY is the secret to major travel & hospitality organizations’ successes – just ask their 20 million (and counting) happy customers.

Key Features and Benefits

Reduce operating costs by up to 30%
Automating aspects of your check-in and boarding process lets you run leaner without sacrificing customer satisfaction.
Get 45% faster queuing and processing times
Checking documents before travelers even leave their home streamlines your check-in processes and makes for happier customers.
Transfer the burden of knowledge
Reduce the risk of regulatory compliance issues and the accompanying fines by letting VeriFLY manage your passengers’ document requirements.
Trusted, industry-leading solution
Developed alongside travel operators, VeriFLY has already successfully performed travel document checks for over 20 million travelers worldwide with a greater than 90% satisfaction rating.

How it Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t VeriFLY that COVID app?
Yes. VeriFLY was developed as a response to our customers’ needs to help travelers get back in the air and on the sea safely. Now, we’ve expanded VeriFLY’s capabilities to support multiple types of travel documents.

Is VeriFLY just for airlines?
No. We have customers in the airline, cruise, and hospitality industries. Any business that needs to process travel-related paperwork as a regular part of its customer activity can benefit from VeriFLY.

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