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See why many of the world’s strongest brands chose Daon to help them build lasting trust with their customers.

The Daon Difference

Daon is not just another identity verification and authentication solutions provider. We are innovators, always looking for the next best solution for our customers’ needs. We are a strategic partner, not just a provider, and thrive on collaborating with our customers to meet current and future goals. We’re also visionaries who see where technology is going and who work to ensure our customers are ready for what’s next.

When you engage with Daon, you aren’t just buying software: you’re acquiring an experienced team dedicated to your success.

Identity Solutions for the Entire Customer Lifecycle

Is Daon an identity verification company? An authentication company? A document validation company? An identity platform company? A biometric technology company?
Yes — all of the above.
From early on, we understood that identity assurance is not just a single interaction: it’s a journey. That’s why we build all of our applications to function both individually and as a whole, giving each customer the tools they need now and the ability to expand their capabilities in the future.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Most identity assurance products force businesses to fit specific parameters for maximum accuracy, essentially catering only to the ‘happy path.’ But Daon knows that every company and every customer is different. That’s why our solutions are designed to be customized to specific use cases, so that each of our customers can minimize fraud while providing the optimum user experience at each point of connection, making sure the edge cases don’t get left behind.

In House = In Control

While it is important to us that our solutions work well with numerous third-party applications, we know that our core functionality needs to be just that — our core functionality. Relying primarily on external technology to drive our products would put our customers at risk of issues that are out of our control. That’s why we have Daon Labs, our internal science and engineering team, to build the platforms and applications we sell. And we have over 100+ unique patents, over 280 granted globally, to show for it.

Knowledge Comes with Experience

Daon has been building biometric identity products for nearly a quarter-century. Since we customize our solutions to the unique needs of our customers, every engagement has taught us something new. We can definitively say that no one in the industry has more experience providing innovative identity solutions than we do, and the knowledge we’ve gained from this wealth of experience means you can count on Daon to give you not just a solution, but the right solution.

Built for Our Customer’s Customer

User experience can make up more than 40% of a business’s Net Promoter Score, which is a key reason why Daon’s solutions are not only designed for functionality and compliance but to minimize customer friction. From allowing your customer to choose their authentication factors to reducing user steps through advanced automation — and doing it all in a matter of seconds — Daon solutions can remove barriers, bolster retention, and even drive new business.

Daon by the Numbers

1 billion+

identities secured
over 6 continents


top financial customers

250 M+

daily authentications


global patents


biometric algorithms

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