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Travel Document Validation

Verify the identity and official documentation of any traveler – before they even leave their house – for faster, simpler, low-stress travel experiences.

Experience the Benefits of Document Due Diligence

Daon's travel document validation solutions reduce stress for your customers and your operations.

  • Increase traveler satisfaction by eliminating key pain points
  • Optimize operational efficiencies
  • Maintain full compliance with all federal and international travel regulations
  • Build loyalty through a valuable perk

Seamless travel has officially landed. Advanced travel document processing is key to providing travelers with a convenient and stress-free travel experience. Streamlining the pre- and post-boarding process is also a great way for travel organizations to build loyalty, cut costs, lower employee and resource burdens, and provide enhanced security.

Daon’s travel documentation solutions use the power of document validation to link the documents of any traveler with their itinerary and confirm all requirements are met – no matter how complex the journey or how far away they are traveling from home. Our enhanced technologies can authenticate the genuineness of any travel or health document almost instantly, and then use that information to determine the user’s eligibility for travel.

Our document validation solution reduces or completely replaces the need for human interference in the entire boarding process: this means the risk of human error is greatly diminished, and long lines at airport security or cruise line embarkment points are things of the past. It also helps to eliminate mid-journey friction that can result from inaccurate or incomplete documentation, saving both the traveler and the provider emotional and financial stress.

Our travel document validation solution is called VeriFLY. You may have heard of it already, as it has proudly served a number of major travel and hospitality companies since 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your travel document validation solution integrate into our existing travel app?
Yes. Many of our existing customers have our solution embedded in their current app, and we can provide mobile SDKs and web APIs for easy integration.

Does Daon still offer health status tracking?
Yes. Requirements to track vaccine status are still present in some countries internationally. Many cruise lines and some airlines catering specifically to international destinations still have strict requirements as well. VeriFLY will always have the capability to manage health documents for current and future travel requirements.

Does VeriFLY help with other travel operations?
Yes. We are working towards the addition of more services, including full identity document processing and biometric bag-drop capabilities.

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