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A well-established technology used to store and transmit data from enabled documents across extremely short distances using wireless communication.

Near-field communication, or NFC, is the technology that allows mobile phone users to pay for, unlock, and otherwise gain access to data, products, and services with extreme security and ease.

NFC technology is similar to RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification), however, it takes place within a much smaller range, usually when a device is held within a few centimeters of a targeted receiver. Near-field communication is most commonly used for financial transactions, like tapping your smartphone on a card reader at the grocery store to pay, but NFC is a widely applicable technology. NFC can also allow applications to read the data in the RFID chips present in ePassports, eIDs, and other documents, primarily through smartphones, to enhance the know-your-customer (KYC) experience.

Daon xProof represents the next generation of identity verification technology that utilizes NFC. It allows users to scan an enabled document, like a passport or driver’s license, with their mobile device or at a kiosk, capturing the embedded information. This information can then be used to process verification of the document and match facial biometrics.

Daon employs NFC technology in its core xProof product.
xProof uses NFC technology to allow users to capture data from enabled documents for verification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of using NFC for identity verification?
It’s all about accuracy and reliability. Pulling the content of an ID from the chip eliminates the need to rely on OCR, providing exact data and the highest possible image quality. It also creates one of the strongest points of verification for confirming that the document is authentic and unchanged since it was issued.

Will all of my customers be able to use NFC?
Not yet, but more than half of existing smartphones already have NFC capabilities and all new models include the technology. If NFC is not available, Daon’s solutions provide multiple highly secure and reliable methods of document verification that do not require the NFC chip.

Can NFC tags attached to ID documents be overwritten?
No. While NFC technology is designed to be read-write, the tags in documents like passports are locked to read-only at production.

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