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Older man using FIDO authentication on smartphone

FIDO Authentication

A set of authentication standards, created by the FIDO alliance, that replace passwords with a safer, simpler form of passkey-based security.

FIDO stands for “Fast IDentity Online.” The acronym represents a revolutionary breakthrough in the identity industry.

Consisting of a set of technology-agnostic security protocols and specifications, FIDO authentication works with multiple kinds of software and systems. It is widely accepted worldwide as the standard for modern authentication.

At its core, FIDO authentication revolves around removing the need for passwords, which are a constant headache for users, a customer service cost for companies, and a security threat to everyone. Instead, FIDO authentication uses a unique set of digital credentials called passkeys. These are tied to a user’s account or an application that a user wishes to access regularly.

FIDO authenticators, including passkeys, remove the danger of phishing attacks, which seek to discover specific pieces of personal information like a password or OTP (one-time password). Instead, FIDO authentication binds a passkey to a specific platform or series of devices. The simplicity of a passkey makes data access and security protocols easier for both users and your company to manage.

Daon was an early member of the FIDO Alliance and currently serves on the board. We’ve woven FIDO protocols throughout our products as an innovative and effective way to improve identity verification and ongoing authentication. Our xAuth product is a good example of this use of passkeys and various authentication methods that embrace this strict set of standards. The xAuth portfolio of authentication solutions utilizes device-based physical tokens, FIDO UAF and FIDO2-certified authentication, and more to securely authenticate users.

Daon is a Frost Radar™ Leader for Biometric Authentication Solutions

Daon’s core xAuth product offers FIDO-certified authentication solutions.
xAuth offers the ability to incorporate FIDO-certified factors into your multi-factor authentication suite.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between FIDO and FIDO UAF?
FIDO UAF utilizes security features on native devices, reducing the insecurity of having too many online credentials. FIDO is the base for the overall methods, which include device authentication, finger and face biometric authentication, passcodes, and transaction confirmation.

So, what is FIDO2?
While FIDO UAF was designed with mobile apps in mind, FIDO2 emphasizes ease-of-use in web browsers.

Which platforms support FIDO authentication?
Some of the largest OS providers – like Apple, Google, and Microsoft – support the use of FIDO authentication.

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