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AI.X™ Deepfake Defense

The power of AI has made the creation of synthetic images, video, and audio that are indistinguishable from real life both simple and fast. While this tech trend can be fascinating, and even awe-inspiring, it’s also very much a threat to businesses trying to protect their customers’ identities and data.

From the moment deepfake technology entered the public sphere, Daon was hard at work building tools for our customers to strengthen their defenses against the misuse of AI.

It Takes Good AI to Defend Against Bad AI

When human senses can't distinguish between real and synthetic, AI can provide the information needed to eliminate threats to your business.

  • Prevent fake accounts by detecting synthetic images and documents during onboarding
  • Instantly detect deepfake and other digital images, videos, and injection attacks during authentication
  • Know if a voice is synthetically generated at the onset of a contact center call

Daon uses several different presentation attack detection technologies across our entire suite of products to maximize fraud prevention.

Liveness detection

During both the onboarding and authentication processes, Daon’s xProof, xAuth, and xFace applications employ multiple, patented and proprietary liveness detection technologies to ensure that the selfie is both live and of a real person – not a photo, digital image, video, or injection. By blocking the means of presenting a deepfake image, our applications effectively eliminate the threat.

Document validation

While AI-powered tools have been created that can produce incredibly realistic images of IDs, they are just that – images. Daon’s identity verification solution, xProof, uses various patented processes, from liveness detection techniques to AI-powered analysis for modifications to checking the data against third-party data sources, so you can be certain that each document is real, valid, and unaltered before allowing the onboarding process to continue. xProof can also scan NFC-embedded documents, offering an extra layer of defense and data accuracy.

Voice replay and synthetic audio detection

Voice channels are a favorite target of fraudsters, and the ability of a machine to sound like a human has significantly simplified this type of identity fraud. Daon offers multiple technologies to protect your contact center from these synthetic voice attacks. Our biometric voice authentication application, xVoice, leverages replay detection to ensure that the voice on the line is live and not a recording or other form of device playback. We also developed xSentinel, which monitors every call for cues that a voice is synthetically generated. It can be deployed with xVoice or on any voice communication platform.

Cross-channel multi-factor authentication

Integration of Daon’s entire application suite provides the ultimate failsafe against deepfake and other AI-generated fraud. Even if a bad actor were to find a way to fool one of our fraud prevention systems, every point of interaction has a completely unique and independent second factor to prevent the attack. Our advanced approach even allows for cross-channel authentication factors. For instance, when authenticating on the voice channel, a contact center agent, or an IVR, could push an in-app authentication on the customer’s registered device, or even require a face scan, as a secondary or step-up factor. The ability to deploy a full spectrum of authentication factors on every channel renders the chances of fraudulent access nearly non-existent.

Defending Your Business Against AI-Generated Risk

Daon has the tools you need to tackle any challenge.

Identity Fraud via Synthetic Media

Identity Fraud via Synthetic Media

AI.X™ applies cutting-edge detection algorithms to identify synthetic alterations in images and videos, ensuring only authentic biometric data is used during user verification processes.

Deepfake-Powered Account Takeovers

Deepfake-Powered Account Takeovers

With xAuth, Daon provides robust multi-factor authentication, integrating passive liveness detection to thwart unauthorized access attempts that use deepfake credentials.

Deepfake Exploitation in Contact Centers

Deepfake Exploitation in Contact Centers

xVoice and xSentinel work in tandem to detect synthetic voice attacks in real time, safeguarding contact center interactions against sophisticated fraud attempts.

Document Forgery with AI-Enhanced Fakes

Document Forgery with AI-Enhanced Fakes

xProof leverages AI to analyze document integrity, verifying authenticity down to the material and ink level and ensuring the IDs presented are genuine and unaltered.

Evasion of Traditional Liveness Detection

Evasion of Traditional Liveness Detection

xFace provides server-based facial authentication with comprehensive presentation attack detection capable of distinguishing human liveness from video or image spoofs.

Rising Sophistication in Deepfake Creation

Rising Sophistication in Deepfake Creation

Daon continuously updates its AI.X models with the latest deepfake detection methodologies, staying ahead of the curve in identifying and neutralizing new threats as they emerge.

Loss of Consumer Trust Due to Deepfake Fraud

Loss of Consumer Trust Due to Deepfake Fraud

By deploying Daon applications, businesses reassure customers of their commitment to security, building trust through the use of advanced identity protection technology.

Compliance Risks with Evolving Digital Fraud Techniques

Compliance Risks with Evolving Digital Fraud Techniques

AI.X helps you meet regulatory requirements and ensure compliance in an evolving digital threat landscape by giving you innovative anti-fraud tools.

Knowledge is the first step in formulating a strong defense

Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) is embedded in all of Daon's core applications to notify you of attempts to defraud the verification and authentication processes.

Daon’s full suite of core applications is designed to prevent the use of synthetic images and voice:
Identity verification with advanced document validation, facial biometrics, and industry-leading presentation attack detection.

Learn About xProof

Full-featured, multi-factor authentication including device-based FIDO authentication with passive liveness detection.

Learn About xAuth

Highly secure, server-based biometric facial authentication with complete presentation attack detection.

Learn About xFace

Passive and active biometric voice authentication with detection technology for audio playback.

Learn About xVoice

Real-time, platform-agnostic synthetic voice detection with or without biometric authentication.

Learn About xSentinel

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