Over 400,000 Users Register for Biometric Mobile Authentication at USAA (American Banker)

Wow, over 400,000 users have adopted biometrics for mobile authentication at USAA. Daon is very proud to be part of this solution, with our IdentityX® Platform being used to provide biometric choice for USAA mobile app users. USAA has also learned some surprising things about this innovative solution, including support from an unlikely demographic - senior citizens.

Rick Swenson, USAA's fraud operational excellence and strategic initiatives executive, said he thought the demographic adopting biometrics would skew toward millennials, but the makeup of users has turned out to be different.

It's about half and half with the median being 35, Swenson said during a biometric roundtable hosted by the Center for the Study of Financial Innovation in London on May 11. And 15% of those in the older half are seniors over 65, he said.

Read the full article here: https://www.americanbanker.com/news/biometrics-find-support-from-an-unlikely-demographic-seniors.