Five Continents Now Rely on Daon’s IdentityX® Platform for Digital Onboarding

A proven global leader in mobile biometric identity technology, Daon is proud to announce that its IdentityX® Platform is now part of the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) highly innovative digital onboarding mobile app, RealMe Now, which enables customers to create an online verified identity. The app is currently available on iPhone 5s and above.

RealMe gives customers a single verified identity credential to securely prove who they are with participating New Zealand Government services and other private sector services online. Applying for the RealMe verified identity has previously required a New Zealand PostShop visit for face image capture using Daon’s retail outlet desktop software in order to complete the onboarding process. Now, in a New Zealand first, the RealMe Now mobile app enables a citizen to simply and securely accomplish identity verification “from the couch,” essentially anywhere and at any time.

“The Department of Internal Affairs is laser-focused on providing convenient and secure digital onboarding services for New Zealand’s citizens.  We continue to be very impressed by the agency’s market leadership and are honored to have been chosen to be its partner,” said Tom Grissen, CEO, Daon. “At Daon, we have developed and are now implementing a veritable shopping cart of face liveness with cutting-edge technology like machine learning and other mechanisms to assist our digital onboarding clients across five continents to address the evolving threat vectors.”

“Our strategy remains being committed to delivering a platform through which the identity of a user can be established, authenticated and recovered.  Digital onboarding represents an important area and builds on Daon’s history of delivering proven mobile biometric authentication to millions of consumers.”

A selfie photo captured in the RealMe Now mobile app is compared against the customer’s passport photo, held securely by the DIA in the passport image database. If the match is successful and the customer passes the face liveness challenges, the application will be checked by staff from the DIA and then the customer is issued a RealMe verified identity. As the selfie photo is compared to a trusted source passport photo, there is no need for the client to scan an identity document.

Grissen noted that the RealMe Now mobile app employs a layered approach to security and provides a convenient onboarding solution for customers. It will drive an increased use of the RealMe service across New Zealand service providers. Kiwibank, DIA’s delivery partner for the mobile app, has commenced leveraging RealMe Now during account establishment, removing the need for prospective customers to visit an outlet for identity proofing when opening a new account.

“The Department of Internal Affairs is committed to putting people first – we’re focusing on what people need from the government and how to better meet those needs using emerging technologies,” said David Philp, General Manager Partners and Products. “It’s about doing things differently in this changing digital environment, and transforming the way we provide our services. This contributes to New Zealanders engaging with an open, transparent and inclusive government.”

“Daon’s digital onboarding platform offers active and passive liveness challenges distributed across both mobile device and server platform within a comprehensive spoof detection scheme,” added Grissen. The platform’s console enables the human review of select cases and also facilitates case audit. Daon also makes its biometric technology capabilities available to partners helping to solve digital onboarding challenges.

Daon’s IdentityX Digital Onboarding product is now being implemented by customers in the banking, technology, investments and gaming sectors, who require more trusted mechanisms to meet Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations for identity verification during account opening.




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Dyanne Smith, Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications

Kim Lehman
SRA Communications