Indianapolis International Airport Returns to AAAE’s Transportation Security Clearinghouse to Provide Aviation Security Background Vetting Services

Alexandria, VA – The American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) Transportation Security Clearinghouse (Clearinghouse) has been selected by the Indianapolis Airport Authority as its provider of designated aviation channeling services. With the award of this contract, Indianapolis returns to join more than 400 airports that choose AAAE’s Clearinghouse to support their aviation worker channeling needs.

The Clearinghouse pioneered aviation channeling in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks to help airports comply with new background check requirements for aviation workers. In 2012, the agency authorized two alternate vendors to provide designated aviation channeling services to the nation’s airports. AAAE’s Clearinghouse continues to support more than 90 percent of airport channeling for TSA mandated aviation worker background checks.

“After having tried another vendor IND decided it was in our best interest to use AAAE’s Clearinghouse for our channeling needs,” Mike Medvescek, the airport’s Senior Director of Operations, said. “What AAAE offers goes far beyond just a technical service. We feel confident knowing our interests are protected not just at the badging office but at all levels of our aviation industry.”

“We are very excited to serve an important role in the security and efficiency of IND’s operations. We understand implicitly that the badging office is not only vital to security but to the airport’s customer service as well.” Carter Morris, Executive Vice President for AAAE Services, said.

TSA regulations require biographic-based Security Threat Assessments (STA) and biometric-based Criminal History Records Checks (CHRC) be conducted for all badged airport workers. As Indianapolis International Airport’s selected designated aviation channeler, the Clearinghouse will be responsible for processing all biographic and biometric data for the badged population at the airport.



The Indianapolis Airport Authority owns and operates Indiana’s largest airport system, which includes Indianapolis International Airport (IND). One of the first new airports to open in the U.S. since Sept. 11, 2001, IND cut the ribbon to its 1.2 million square foot airport complex on November 11, 2008.

The eighth largest cargo center in the U.S., IND is home of the second-largest FedEx Express operation in the world. More than two billion pounds of cargo were managed at IND in 2012. It is an important catalyst for economic development in central Indiana and the Midwestern region.


The Clearinghouse was founded in the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks at the request of airports and the federal government. Recognizing the need to ease the compliance burden on airport operators, the Clearinghouse established a reliable, secure link between airports and the federal government and reduced the time it took to complete background checks from several weeks to hours on average.

Housed in the airport industry’s most robust professional association, the Clearinghouse brings unparalleled security policy acumen to serve its airport customers and members. Since its inception, the Clearinghouse has served the needs of every commercial use airport and air carrier in the country and continues today to serve more than 90 percent of US airports and all major air carriers. The Clearinghouse remains proud to be the sole designated aviation channeler that answers to airports-not shareholders.

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