UN NGO Interpeace Using Daon Biometric Software and Expertise to Strengthen Democracy

Reston, VA – Daon, a global leader in biometric authentication and identity assurance solutions, announced today their role in providing biometric voter registration capabilities to the National Election Commission in Somaliland through Interpeace, an international peacebuilding organization with expertise in democratization in the Somali region. Daon is the core software provider to prime contractor ATEA – a leading IT Infrastructure provider selected by Interpeace for the project.

Daon’s identity management software suite includes biometric voter registration and centralized voter management modules. Daon diligently worked in partnership with ATEA to design, assemble and deliver the voter registration kits with iris capture and matching functionality using IrisID for the Iris acquisition cameras and recognition technology.

Daon’s unique biometric registration software provides significant advantages to the National Electoral Commission due to its maturity, including comprehensive multimodal biometric client and server capabilities. Utilizing fast matching algorithms for local registrants, and further deduplication at central level, Daon will ensure the provisional and final voter lists are clean in support of a free and fair election process due to be held in 2017. The Somaliland National Electoral Commission (NEC) are the ultimate owners of the electoral registration preparations and made tremendous efforts to pay close attention to all aspects of the solution design process.

Jerry McCann Deputy Director-General, Operations at Interpeace, had this to say: “From an international tendering procedure Interpeace, in collaboration with NEC, selected the best value for money technology, expertise and support needed to help us create a new electoral register in Somaliland. The National Electoral Commission worked closely with the chosen contractor ATEA, and particularly with Daon on the voter registration system functionality, to ensure they could easily train their operators on the biometric voter registration kits and central voter registry management system in order to roll out a national elections registration program successfully.”

Commenting on the Somaliland Biometric Voter Registration program, Tom Grissen, Daon’s chief executive officer stated, “We are delighted to leverage the power of our biometric software for the important mission of strengthening democracy and building peace. Being selected to help Somaliland Elections is very special to the company and all our people. We look forward to the next stage of the rollout and ultimately to successful elections for the benefit of Somaliland.”

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