GEMADEC, a North African technology company with a proven track record in financial and public sector identity projects, and Daon, an innovator of authentication and identity assurance solutions worldwide, have signed a strategic partnership agreement for North African and Francophone African countries. GEMADEC plans to significantly expand its business reach utilizing Daon’s authentication, identity and onboarding platforms and experience.

“With its long-standing experience and demonstrated success internationally, we are pleased to add GEMADEC as a strategic partner and offer our biometrics technology to these markets,” said Tom Grissen, CEO, Daon. “Our partnership with GEMADEC will make a significant impact in the financial and public sectors as we work toward expanding our presence in the North African and Francophone African countries.”

GEMADEC, with presence in 22 countries, has more than 40 years of experience delivering innovative business and technical solutions to its clients and partners such as security and biometrics solutions, hybrid mail & postal and documentary dematerialization.

"GEMADEC is already working in the field of security and biometrics, supporting the Postal organizations as a trusted third-party in the implementation of a legally valid electronic certificate (PKI) production platform and also offers electronic signature solutions. Today, it will expand its offering with Daon's IdentityX® platform for convenient and secure authentication," said Touhami Rabii, CEO, GEMADEC.


Founded in 1977, GEMADEC has become a world reference in hybrid mail, which is an essential first step for the modernization of postal organizations, and has contributed to the development of several Posts such as Morocco Post, Algeria Post, Tunisian Post, Post of Senegal, Namibian Post , Saudi Post, Post of Ivory Coast, Benin Post and most recently Chad Post. In the field of dematerialization, GEMADEC has set up the e-Parliament project, an application that is currently operational in the House of Representatives of Kingdom of Morocco and which allows the electronic management of documents and procedures, the digitization of archives, the dematerialization of all the business and administrative processes of parliamentary work as well as the exchange of secure information with parliamentarians and more interaction with citizens. Finally in security and biometrics, GEMADEC is distinguished by its expertise through national projects on behalf Ministry of Interior in Morocco and around the census and biometric identification through many achievements such as: the biometric census of civil servants in Gabon, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and in Djibouti with the implementation of a social register to biometrically identify all households in need of state support. For more information, visit: Find us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

About Daon

Daon,, is an innovator in developing and deploying biometric authentication and identity assurance solutions worldwide. Daon has pioneered methods for securely and conveniently combining biometric and identity capabilities in multiple channels with large-scale deployments that span payments verification, digital banking, insurance, and securing borders and critical infrastructure.  Daon’s solutions provide our customers with choice, making it easier and safer for people to conduct business online, travel, and so much more. Daon’s IdentityX® Platform for mobile biometric authentication removes friction from the authentication process while dramatically reducing fraud to previously unattainable levels. IdentityX allows businesses to conduct transactions with any consumer at any time with total confidence.  Get to know us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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