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See why many of the world’s strongest brands chose Daon to help them build lasting trust with their customers.

Industries We Serve

From financial services to healthcare, Daon’s identity verification and authentication solutions reduce fraud and increase customer satisfaction.

Crypto Icon

Protect access to your customer’s digital keys by making the way they access them something that they can’t forget, lose, or have stolen.
Financial Services Icon
Financial Services

Join some of the top financial institutions around the world thar use Daon’s proofing and authentication solutions to know their customer.
Healthcare icon

Protect patient data and shore up the revenue cycle with endless applications of our proofing and authentication services.
Public Sector Icon
Public Sector

Secure borders, pensions, and ID programs by making sure that the right people are getting the right access.
Retail Icon

Take the guesswork out of controlled retail by knowing who your customers are and if they truly meet purchasing qualifications.
Telecom Icon

Mitigate the fraud threats that come with eSIMS and online services by leveraging proofing to onboard your customers.
Travel Icon
Travel & Hospitality

Remove the stress that travel document management brings to travelers and your employees with pre-travel validation.
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Automotive, Data Warehousing, eLearning, eSports/Gaming – the possibilities are endless. Maybe your industry is next.

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