IdentityX Adds Additional Support for Enterprise Software and Web Access Tools

RESTON, Va., July 25, 2012 – IdentityX Inc. announced today that it has released another enterprise adapter for its award winning IdentityX® Authenticator, a mobile identity assurance product. IdentityX creates a new level of trust and user experience for web-based systems when integrated with CA SiteMinder®—one of the world’s leading web access management products.

Organizations using CA SiteMinder to manage their web presence can now easily tie the IdentityX Authenticator to their websites, thereby allowing users to be authenticated by using this cutting edge technology. The adapter enables companies to configure multiple authentication schemes based on the level of security needed. It also includes the ability to implement step-up authentication, one-time use passwords, customizable login forms and more for a smooth user experience.

Representing a new class of cyber-security solutions, IdentityX Authenticator employs the end user’s mobile phone or tablet and a combination of security options to provide unprecedented levels of identity assurance. IdentityX Authenticator can be configured to add layers of security based on transaction risk, from device identifier/certificate-enforced token possession and passcode entry, to GPS analysis and biometrics, such as face and voice matching.

“Our latest adapter enables organizations that have invested in CA SiteMinder to quickly and seamlessly deploy the power of IdentityX assurance to these systems,” said Conor White, President of IdentityX. “A number of our customers asked for this capability as they continue to expand the adoption of IdentityX products across their enterprises. The modular architecture of the IdentityX suite ensures quick, easy and cost-effective integration – making it simple to deploy advanced cyber-security protection to a wide variety of enterprise systems.”

IdentityX Inc. is a member of the CA Technology Partner Program. IdentityX’s value was recognized when it captured the Cyber Security & Authentication category win at the 2011 American Technology Awards.