IdentityX Debuts Apple Touch ID Integration

Fairfax, VA – IdentityX, a global leader in mobile biometric authentication technology and Daon affiliate, today launched a major system update with support for Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint technology.

IdentityX’s universal authentication platform for mobile devices — the Infinity Platform — allows users to mix and match security factors of the past (such as passwords and hard tokens) with security factors of today (such as voice and facial recognition) and the emerging factors of tomorrow (such as vein and iris recognition).

Last week, Apple announced that it would open its popular Touch ID application programming interface to third-party developers – enabling iOS apps to leverage the fingerprint authentication technology.

Infinity already supports fingerprint-enabled Windows devices and is currently being integrated with fingerprint readers on Android-based devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S5. Now, with the integration of Apple’s Touch ID, IdentityX is positioned for near-universal support of fingerprints to authenticate enterprise applications, regardless of which type of mobile device their employees or customers own.

“This is great news for online businesses such as banks, healthcare providers and others that have high-risk transactions,” said IdentityX President Conor White. “Mobile fingerprint authentication has now decisively moved from an emerging technology of tomorrow to one that is available to everyone today.

“As a closed system, Touch ID security provided limited functionality for iPhone 5s users. But as an open system—when incorporated into the multi-factor Infinity Platform—Touch ID works in tandem with dozens of other biometric and non-biometric security factors to deliver a flexible, universal consumer solution.

“Because no single security technology is perfect or ubiquitous, the Infinity Platform provides organizations the flexibility to centrally manage the wide (and growing) variety of authentication technologies that smart devices support – leading to greater security while providing optimal choice and convenience,” said White.

IdentityX is an affiliate of Daon—one of the largest, most trusted providers of identity assurance software and services in the world.

The Infinity Platform with support for Touch ID is now available in open beta and will be formally released with iOS 8 this Fall.

About IdentityX

IdentityX Inc. is a leader in mobile biometric authentication technology and Daon affiliate. Since 2010, IdentityX has pioneered methods for securely and conveniently combining multiple identity factors (including biometrics, device authentication, PIN, and location), empowering users to choose the factor or combination of factors that best meet their situational needs and preferences. A demonstration of award-winning IdentityX technology can be found at

About Daon

Daon is a leading provider of identity assurance software products focused on meeting the needs of governments and commercial organizations worldwide. Daon products have been selected to secure hundreds of millions of identities around the globe including programs in the United States, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand, the European Union and Mexico. Commercial customers include two of the five largest financial institutions in the world.

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