Iberia Covered by VeriFLY Wellness App for Flights to United States

Published by Iberia / Updated 2.25.21

  • For two months, on flights to Miami and New York.
  • The application verifies that the documentation submitted by the clients and their COVID-19 proof meet the conditions required by the destination authorities, so that the clients can travel.
  • Its use is optional; customers will be able to continue to demonstrate that they meet the US entry requirements at the check-in counter, as they have done before
  • VeriFLY can be downloaded for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Iberia has just incorporated this new facility for customers bound for the United States, an app that helps them verify that the documentation required by COVID is valid to enter the country. It is a pilot test, for the moment lasting two months, in Iberia's destinations in the US, Miami and New York.

In fact, customers of the Iberia flight to Miami today, which leaves at 17:10, will be able to present the necessary documentation and their PCR test through the VeriFLY application.

In the current situation, with constant changes in the requirements demanded by the authorities for foreign travelers, it is difficult to be updated. VeriFLY is a digital solution that confirms that the sworn statement required by the US authorities and the COVID-19 test certificate required are valid, so that when the client goes to the airport they are sure that they meet all the requirements to travel. 

Ignacio Tovar, Iberia's Director of Transformation, has commented: “It is time to get all the value that technology can offer us to simplify the travel experience and return to flying in an absolutely safe way. From Iberia, we are working on the digitization of the documentation and tests required by each of the countries, so that their verification is more fluid and comfortable and our clients have a safer, contactless experience." 

VeriFLY – easy, intuitive, fast and secure

The use of VeriFLY is optional, as customers can continue to demonstrate that they meet the US entry requirements at the check-in counter, but it is a very secure app.

VeriFLY can be downloaded for iOS and Android mobile devices. Its use is very simple and intuitive; You just have to follow three steps:

1. Download the app, register, and add a photo.

2. Select a destination and choose your flight.

3. Upload the result of your COVID-19 test and sign the sworn statement, simply filling in the boxes.

If there is a problem, the app will notify the user immediately so it can be resolved before the flight. When all is in order, the VeriFLY app notifies the passenger that he or she is good to fly.

The use of VeriFLY saves time at the airport. For more information about Iberia’s collaboration with  of VeriFLY, visit https://www.iberia.com/es/en/covid-19/verifly/


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