What’s the Password by Ruth O’Toole, Legal Counsel at Daon (Law Society Gazette)

Biometric technology is seen as a way to improve the security of online banking and payments and improve customers’ security experience. But what are the challenges and technology considerations? Ruth O’Toole, Legal Counsel at Daon, has written an article that was recently published in the Law Society Gazette. In the article Ruth explores the following key points:

  • The level of fraud in internet payments is increasing and biometric technology is being advocated by the European legislative institutions as a way to improve security.
  • The latest draft of the European Payment Services Directive introduces a number of measures to address this threat, including the concept of ‘strong customer authentication’ that includes the use of biometric characteristics as an approved method of authentication.
  • There are challenges and technology considerations, but customers are demonstrating that they are ready for an alternative to passwords and PINs, which reflects the way that they use technology today.
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Reproduced with the permission of the Law Society Gazette.