Voice Recognition: what your bank needs? (The Banker)

The Banker, a UK publication viewed as the trusted source of banking information since 1926, recently published an article that looks at voice recognition technology and it’s uses within the banking industry. Banks are trumpeting their use of voice recognition technology in a way not seen before, using it to demonstrate their innovation credentials and their customer-centric nature. Joy Macknight, looks at the ways in which it is being utilized.

Clive Bourke, Daon’s President of EMEA and AsiaPac, was interviewed for the article and provided his thoughts on how biometrics are making banking more convenient and enhancing the customer experience. He’s quoted as saying “Authentication seems like a sleepy, boring, less relevant aspect of the customer experience, and previously most banks would have thought that a customer would tolerate a little inconvenience as a trade-off for security. But the truth is that customers aren’t thinking like that anymore.”

To read the full article, including more thoughts from Clive around driving the adoption of biometrics, visit The Banker’s website by clicking here.