Daon Brings Security and Convenience to Mobile Authentication (Finovate Blog)

Speaking at FinovateFall 2016 in September, Daon President of the Americas Conor White asked attendees about their own experience with cart abandonment online. “Last year, a Javelin report said that $9 billion was lost due to card fraud. That’s a problem,” White said. “But there was $118 billion in lost revenue because transactions were just abandoned or falsely declined. So do we have a security problem or a convenience problem?”

“As a security professional, I’ve always been told you can be secure or you can be convenient, but you can’t be both,” White said. “Now you can be both. You can be secure and your customers will be happy.”

Daon provides both enterprise and public sector customers with biometric authentication technologies including face, voice, and fingerprint recognition. The company offers its variety of authentication options over multiple channels, ensuring that clients have access to the authentication solution or solutions that suits their needs. Daon’s technology can be deployed to provide authentication for digital banking, for payment verification, and employee credentialing, as well as cloud authentication. Importantly, the technology is built to make it easier for individuals to protect themselves, delivering both security and convenience.

To read the full Finovate blog posting, or to watch Daon’s 7-minute demo, click here.