Why Daon

For more than a decade, Daon has been a driving force at the heart of biometric adoption, making the global economy safer, more efficient, more inclusive and more transparent for all.

Daon is a privately held software company and biometrics industry leader. We were founded to build biometric software products that would allow people to authenticate themselves in person or online in a secure, convenient and flexible manner, thus eliminating the threat of security breaches and device fraud. Throughout the world, Daon has developed identity assurance software that allows government and commercial enterprises to establish trust that someone is who they claim to be.

Today, Daon securely manages hundreds of millions of biometric identities around the globe.  As a certified FBI Channeler, Daon processes criminal history background checks required as part of employment decisions, including approximately 90% of U.S. airport workers.

Built on the heritage of our software helping secure national borders and critical infrastructure, Daon offers a universal authentication platform for mobile devices; the IdentityX Platform. IdentityX allows users to mix and match security factors of the past (e.g., passwords and hard tokens) with security factors of today (e.g., voice, fingerprint, and facial recognition) as well as emerging factors of tomorrow. All these factors can be used individually or fused together to deliver the level of assurance desired.

The IdentityX Platform enables enterprises to centrally manage the growing variety of authentication technologies that smart devices support and delivers greater security to the consumer while providing optimal choice and convenience.

Daon Differentiators

Track Record of Global Experience – Daon customers range from high-profile, instantly recognizable Fortune 500 corporations to governments of countries around the globe. No other company in our market space can boast the same breadth and depth of delivery and implementation experience, or our growing patents portfolio. Explore our case studies to learn more.

Proven Technology Prioritizing Privacy – Our solutions are built on proven technology powered by an open platform that ensures on-time and on-budget delivery. Daon founders had the forethought to address privacy concerns early on in our solutions development, prioritizing privacy and building it directly into our core flagship products, DaonEngine and the IdentityX Platform.

Biometric Industry Expertise – Daon has specialized in identity and biometric software and consulting expertise since our corporate origins. Our early recognition and investment in this field’s potential role in the realm of identity management gives us a significant advantage over other, less experienced market players.

Find out how we can safeguard your mission critical Identity Assurance initiative.