Mobile Biometric Authentication

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Passwords are flawed. They are easy to hack, you have too many variations which makes them hard to remember, and they are inconvenient to enter. Daon’s mobile biometric authentication solutions offer quick and efficient alternatives, providing a more convenient and secure solution for your customers.

Snap a Selfie (Facial Recognition)

Snapping a selfie has become synonymous with pop culture and everyday life. Millennials aren’t the only age group familiar with this trend, even your grandparents are getting in on the revolution. Why not use it as your means to authenticate? It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s familiar. Get access to your account or approve a transaction in 3-seconds or less.

Your Voice is Your Password (Voice Recognition)

Some customers might prefer to speak a short phrase or set of numbers. Or, if a transaction is deemed especially risky, you can layer voice on top of facial recognition. Just like a fingerprint, your voice is unique to you. IdentityX adds voice recognition as an additional means to authenticate, providing your customers with the choice they desire.

Touch to Approve (Fingerprint ID)

Another option is to take advantage of cutting edge technology that is making its way to smartphones. Fingerprint ID is a quick means to authenticate and will be more widely available in the next generation of smartphones. Fingerprints give you an additional choice to authenticate, just touch the sensor and you’re in.