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Mobile App Authentication - FIDO Authentication, Daon

Biometrics continue to overtake passwords and other obsolete means of authentication. Mobile app authentication, enabled by Daon's flagship IdentityX platform, builds on the prevalence of high-quality biometric sensors in mobile devices to deliver fast, secure ways for your organization to onboard users, combat fraud, and increase time spent on your native mobile app or mobile web app.

As board-level members of the FIDO® Alliance, we specialize in FIDO authentication and FIDO Certified solutions that ensure biometric data never leaves your customer’s personal mobile device.



Daon has been an industry leader in biometrics research over two decades and across all channels. Today the technology is more relevant than ever as our customers leverage biometrics and the IdentityX platform to support their digital transformation initiatives. Importantly, mobile app authentication directly enables self-service for more transactions, an explicit goal of many transformation programs.

Whether on a native mobile app or a mobile web app, mobile biometric authentication allows customers to login and conduct secure transactions using only a mobile phone and a biometric print (finger, face, voice, palm, etc.). IdentityX supports all biometric modalities, and these can be combined in various ways to create Multi Factor Authentication systems with the highest levels of enhanced security.



In mobile biometric authentication, the biometric matching can be done either on a user’s own device or on a server, with each method presenting its own benefits and drawbacks. When choosing on-device biometric matching, the FIDO authentication standards ensure the strongest security, regulatory compliance, and forward-compatibility across systems and devices.



Mobile App Authentication - FIDO Authentication, Daon


Daon’s FIDO-certified IdentityX platform enables mobile customers to choose:

Solutions Mobile Biometric - Mobile App Authentication - FIDO Authentication, Daon


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Whether you're seeking a better way to onboard users, need to deliver better compliance with security regulations, or want to encourage more app use or self-service transactions, Daon can help. Our customers report significant improvement in Net Promoter Scores, better mobile engagement, and reduced fraud by the successful introduction of Daon biometric authentication solutions. Find out more about how we ensure the security of Daon biometrics, learn about the Daon Biometric Research Lab, or get in touch to talk about your unique requirements.