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Biometrics have virtually eliminated identity theft and fraud from modern banking apps.

Let’s do the same for healthcare.

At Daon, we've never been more excited to share with you the many ways biometric-based multi-factor authentication can save healthcare organizations billions of dollars while strengthening data protection and improving patient care.

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Biometric-based multi-factor what ?

It sounds like a mouthful, but it’s really pretty simple. Multi-factor means using two or more different authentication types: like something you have (a key), something you know (a password), and something you are (a “biometric” such as your face, voice, or fingerprint).

Together, the combination of factors keeps your data astonishingly secure, while the use of biometrics helps keep your authentication experience fast, simple, and painless.

Best of all: users get to choose which combination of factors is most convenient.

Where can this technology be used?

Pretty much wherever you access sensitive health information. But we’ve identified three use cases, in particular, that demonstrate biometric-based authentication at its best.

ePrescriptions: The more convenient way to steal?

Doctors and patients may love the convenience of ePrescribing, but so do most thieves and fraudsters.

In fact, due in part to the skyrocketing demand for opioids, ePrescription portals are fast becoming the targets of choice for enterprising hackers.

But take a look at how biometric-based security can stop those hacks in their tracks.

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Patient Portals: Stop choosing between security and convenience

The clear majority of patient portals are secured with nothing more than a simple user name and password, leaving them as sitting ducks for hackers and fraudsters.

We’ve been told tighter security will only make patient portals less functional and more horribly inconvenient.

But come see how biometric-based security changes the equation.

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Time & Attendance: Is home healthcare fraud costing you millions?

With so much unsupervised home care being provided—to more than 12 million people annually—there’s more potential for fraud than ever before.

Time and attendance tracking systems, in particular, are ripe for misuse by both small- and large-scale billing scammers.

But let’s explore how biometric-based security can turn those losses into ancient history.

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This all sounds very cutting-edge. How do we know it works?

Actually, while biometric-based authentication is just now gaining traction in the healthcare industry, it’s been tried, tested, trusted, and requested for years in the financial, insurance, and technology industries. In fact, leading financial institutions like Visa, Mastercard, and USAA trust their most sensitive customer data to Daon’s IdentityX platform each and every day. (Oh, and we’ve also been securing international borders and critical infrastructure for more than 15 years, for what it’s worth.)

How do doctors and patients get registered in the system?

Quickly, easily, and all-digitally. With our Digital Onboarding technology, patients and healthcare professionals can create digital credentials with remarkably high levels of assurance—in minutes.

Digital Onboarding makes new user registration a snap—without sacrificing security.

This sounds expensive. I suppose I’m buying a whole new system?

Nope. Daon’s IdentityX platform can be easily integrated into your existing system, and you’ll be delighted by the flexibility and affordability of the platform.


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