For more than a decade, Daon has been a driving force at the heart of biometric adoption, making the global economy safer, more efficient, more inclusive and more transparent for all.

Throughout the world, Daon has developed identity assurance software that allows government and commercial enterprises to establish trust that someone is who they claim to be and currently we securely manage hundreds of millions of biometric identities around the globe.  As a certified FBI Channeler, Daon processes criminal history background checks required as part of employment decisions, including approximately 90% of U.S. airport workers.

More recently, Daon has developed technology that will ultimately replace usernames and passwords as a means to authenticate. It’s called IdentityX, a game-changer in the world of mobile biometric authentication!

IdentityX is a universal  platform that allows users to authenticate themselves on any mobile device just by taking a selfie. It is adaptable to allow our clients, and their customers, to pick and choose the biometric they’d like to use, including but not limited to facial recognition, voice recognition, and fingerprint id. All of these factors can be used individually or fused together in a multi-factor approach, delivering the desired level of assurance based on the risk of individual transactions. IdentityX was designed to rapidly adapt to changing market forces, future-proofing you for the security factors of tomorrow with the ability to snap-in new biometric modalities as they become available.

Contact us today for a quick 5-minute demo of IdentityX in action. Daon is the ONLY company with large-scale production experience, which will provide valuable insight to your end-user’s experience.