Case Study: New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs

The RealMe Now app uses biometric technology to verify your identity, digitally.

The RealMe Now mobile app is a New Zealand first

Daon’s IdentityX technology is used to capture a citizen’s selfie on their mobile device and then to compare it against the Government’s trusted source passport image of the citizen.

Digital enrollment from the couch

The RealMe Now app enable’s New Zealand citizens to establish their identity credentials digitally.

Face Liveness Detection

The app poses random liveness challenges to the citizen.

IdentityX offers both passive and active liveness assessment.

The citizen’s responses to the liveness challenges are measured both on the device and on the server.

User guidance and quality assessment

The citizen is guided through the selfie capture process using on screen instructions.

The app uses background image and environment quality assessment mechanisms to ensure a suitable selfie is captured.

Human Review Console

The human review console facilitates the evaluation of onboarding processes.