Case Study: Mox Bank

Delivering continuous engagement over the digital channel for customers of an innovative new virtual bank

The challenge

Mox, a new virtual bank in Hong Kong by Standard Chartered in partnership with HKT, PCCW and, needed a way to achieve seamless, secure onboarding and customer authentication over a mobile device. The onboarding and authentication experience had to offer superb usability and convenience compared to passwords, and help the bank maintain contact with customers over the lifetime of their account.

The solution

Biometric technology was a natural fit: it delivers that seamless experience and helps the bank maintain contact and achieve continuous engagement with customers -- something that is especially important for a bank which does not have any branches. Mox selected Daon, global leader in biometrically-secured banking, to provide the core technology that secures the bank's customer app.


Daon is vital to delivering the security and certainty required to make Mox a success. The Hong Kong deployment follows a number of successful implementations by other international banking groups who use Daon's technology to give digital bank customers a secure, convenient way to verify their identity while also meeting robust compliance requirements.

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