Case Study: International Banking Group

Looking to the future with biometrical secured banking

The challenge

An international financial services group was modernizing its digital banking services and needed a new solution to authenticate customers. It had to be convenient for customers, meet stringent new compliance requirements, and work seamlessly across multiple bank brands in the group.

The solution

The banking group chose Daon, both for the proven ability of the IdentityX security platform to provide Strong Customer Authentication, and for the design and architecture capability of Daon's services team. IdentityX allows bank customers to verify their identity using multiple factors: something they possess, something they know, and something they are, e.g. a biometric attribute confirmable by a fingerprint, voice or facial recognition.

The rollout

The orderly migration of more than 5 million bank customers is being completed over a nine-month period. The single IdentityX instance can be used for multiple bank brands, eliminating duplication of infrastructure while ensuring total separation of customer data.

Getting closer to customers

The Daon solution delivers compliance and convenience, letting customers authenticate easily with the mobile phone that's already in their pocket. It also opens the doors to a deeper relationship with customers, including push notifications for account alerts or upsells. 

Plus, IdentityX enables server-side voice and face matching for future capabilities, like voice recognition for the call center.