Announcing Free Remote Employee Access Control During COVID-19 Pandemic
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At Daon, we’re grateful to all the brave health workers and essential employees out there, as well as to all our friends and partners in the industry who are working hard to help keep life going (and business moving) as normally as possible.

Today, we’d like to assist those efforts by helping remote workers stay connected, at no cost, in a truly secure and frictionless way.

Here’s what we’ve heard:

Businesses large and small are struggling to adjust to an overwhelming surge of new remote workers. Companies with a typical load of 500 remote workers are suddenly faced with 50,000. For many, there are simply not enough licenses to support that scale, nor the bandwidth to accommodate an entire workforce functioning remotely all at once. Procuring new hardware is not an option; you can’t find it, there’s no one to receive it, and there’s no one to install it.

Out of necessity, organizations are turning to a model of last resort—Bring Your Own PC (BYOPC).

A month ago, this would have been unthinkable. Today’s personal computers, with few exceptions, are crawling with unseen malware. Allowing employees to use these machines, unchecked, for work purposes introduces confounding new risks to an already overtaxed IT security structure.

But these are desperate times. Worse still, recent reports indicate that cyber threats, including phishing scams and spam, are on the rise as bad actors take advantage of the remote workers and their unsecure corporate systems.

So here’s how we’d like to help:

If, like many, COVID-19 has forced your hand in adopting a BYOPC posture for your team, we can help you make remote employee access control as secure as humanly possible with biometric-based multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Depending on your specific use case, you may be using a virtual private network (VPN), zero trust network access (ZTNA) or cloud access security broker (CASB). In each case, the ways in which remote workers authenticate themselves undergirds the security of your entire system.

Passwords, secret questions, or other forms of knowledge-based authentication (KBA) provide little to no real security, and they introduce costly points of friction (often in the form of password reset requests). Physical tokens are a popular alternative to passwords, but like all physical goods they’re difficult to acquire in a world with disrupted global supply chains.

Biometric-based MFA, on the other hand, is all-digital, highly secure, frictionless for the user, and fast and easy to add to your VPN, ZTNA, or CASB of choice.

During this unprecedented time of need, we’re offering this solution to all our new customers, free of charge, hosted in our secure cloud for fast, contactless deployment with nothing to install on-premise.

Learn more about how customers like PNC Bank and Bank Hapoalim are using this solution right now to securely authenticate their workforce, or contact us here to get it right away.