Highlights from "Hacking Biometrics: a CISO Series Event"
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Daon's Head of Engineering, Jason Cramer and PNC Bank's Head of Digital Identity & Fraud, Sridhar Kotamraju, recently joined David Spark, producer of CISO series for a lively discussion on "Hacking Biometrics: An hour of critical thinking about using ourselves as a means to enhance the identity journey and our security posture."

Attendees pitched their best bad ideas (Dance Dance Revolution, anyone?) and had a chance to explore the following:

  • What’s the hangup with biometrics? We’ve had it for so long, why is adoption intermittent? 
  • What are uses of biometrics we’re not familiar with (how exactly does behavioral biometrics work)?
  • What types of biometrics are users being more comfortable with (and what are the best liveness techniques)?
  • If we had full adoption of biometrics, what does that mean for the identity game? What kind of shift would we see in overall security?

Find out what we had to say and check out six minutes of the best moments in the video recap.