[PODCAST] Thought Leaders Corner: Interview with Ashar Nazim, CEO of Aion Digital
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We’re proud to launch Daon’s Thought Leader Corner, a new audio space where today’s top thinkers, leaders and experts share their independent perspective on the industry. Our guest today is Ashar Nazim, Group CEO of Aion Digital, one of the fastest growing fintech solution providers in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and partner of Daon.

Ashar is a fintech investor and board advisor. He is the lead-founder of the digital onboarding platform (Waqfe) that is deployed by banks in the GCC.

Formerly, Ashar was Partner and global head of Islamic banking practice at EY. He led the firm’s advisory practice to build-out 30 major Islamic financial institutions and national level programs across emerging markets.

Ashar also served as Senior Strategist at the Central Bank of Bahrain where he was responsible for the implementation of financial sector reforms. In 2017, Ashar left EY to focus on building fintech businesses for financial institutions. He is working alongside leading regional banks to invest in, and build and operate fintech solutions.

Ashar’s network and unique track record of strategy consulting, operational buildout and customer experience roles gives him a holistic understanding of digital influences driving change for the banking industry. He directed set up of a fintech consortium of banks in GCC, consulted boards of Islamic banks on digital transformation and worked alongside management teams on operationalising digital strategies.

In this first episode, Ashar touches on customer onboarding as the gateway for banks going digital and how Aion’s understanding of the local banking and regulatory landscape ultimately led to the game-changing creation of a unified single market of 34 million GCC nationals.

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