Why IdentityX

Reduce Fraud – Don’t treat identity fraud as a cost of doing business. Eliminating this type of fraud can result in huge, bottom-line savings. Our solutions protect against identity theft with the highest level of identity trust available today.

Manage Risk – You can customize the level of security you require for different transactions. This means you can actively manage risk by balancing the security required for high risk transactions against the convenience of quick authentication for low risk transactions.

Attract New Customers – By embracing our solutions to solve identity fraud issues, your organization can appeal to both tech-savvy early adopters as well as risk conscious, security focused customers. As the identity landscape continues to increase its reliance on digital interactions, companies adopting the IdentityX Platform and Authenticator will be positioned to take advantage of this movement rather than trying to play “catch up” after the fact.

Up-sell Services – For both new and existing customers, we provide you with opportunities to up-sell existing services, as well as to create a new suite of identity-oriented options. Now your customers can interact with your company safely and securely anywhere, at any time. This connectivity has tremendous potential for new ventures.

Reduce Implementation Cost – Without the need to purchase, deploy, upgrade or support separate hardware (since the phone is typically owned by the customer), our solutions are available at a price point that enables mass adoption.

Future-Proof their Organization – Because our solutions are hardware agnostic, it operates on any mobile device. This means you are not locked into a specific hardware solution. As more powerful smart devices are developed and biometric modalities continue to evolve and improve, the IdentityX solution is designed to take advantage of this constant change, rather than defend against it.