IdentityX: The world’s most trusted platform for passwordless authentication and beyond

When it comes to choosing a biometric authentication platform for your organization, not all passwordless authentication solutions are created equal. In fact, there’s no other biometric authentication platform on the market that gives you:

  1. Identity Continuity: Enroll once, authenticate anywhere. Get true cross-channel identity assurance for security and consistency across all channels and devices.

  2. Easy Flexibility and Extensibility: Choose any vendor, deployment type, security technology, or biometric modality for unrivalled flexibility, futureproofing, and customer choice—all with real-time administrative controls.

  3. Proven, Enduring Deployments in the Real World: Leverage technologies and best practices born from 40 proven, large-scale global deployments and two decades of industry leadership. Daon technology has been chosen to secure more than a billion identities across the globe.

  4. Broadest and Deepest Biometric Expertise: We’ve brought more biometric apps to market than anyone else and hold 160+ patents—more than double the number of our nearest competitor.

everything you need for seamless, cross-channel identity journeys

IdentityX is a FIDO-Certified biometric authentication platform that is multi-modal, multi-biometric, multi-factor and multi-vendor. Supporting a wide range of identity use cases and delivering a consistent, superb user experience across all digital channels, IdentityX balances security with convenience. IdentityX has been successfully deployed around the world in a variety of challenging environments, with proven scalability and high-availability, whether you choose on-premises deployment or a managed service.



IdentityX supports both match-on-server and match-on-device in a single system. When configured for use as a Multi Factor Authentication platform, there's no need to balance security with user convenience; both are enhanced by IdentityX. Companies choose IdentityX because of its proven ability to: 

  • Increase user satisfaction – IdentityX biometric-based, Multi Factor Authentication not only reduces fraud but also enhances the customer experience by eliminating antiquated passwords and physical tokens. 

  • Reduce fraud – IdentityX protects against identity theft by delivering the highest level of identity trust available in the market. Don't treat identity fraud as a cost of doing business: eliminating it from your organization can deliver significant bottom-line savings. 

  • Manage risk – IdentityX lets you better manage risk by providing flexibility: enable additional layers of security for high-risk transactions and faster passwordless authentication methods for lower-risk transactions. 

  • Attract new customers – whether your target market consists of tech-savvy early adopters or security-minded traditionalists, the IdentityX platform equips you with the robust authentication you need to satisfy customers who want peace of mind when doing business with you, especially as the threat landscape continues to evolve. 

  • Upsell services – IdentityX provides the robust infrastructure that allows safe, secure interaction with your company at any time, providing an ideal foundation on which to build new services and offerings. 

  • Implement secure authentication cost-effectively – the IdentityX platform is available at a price point that enables mass adoption: there's no need to purchase, deploy, upgrade or support separate hardware, as the devices used for authentication are typically owned by the end-users. 

  • Future proof your investment – our solutions are hardware agnostic and operate on any mobile device, so you're not locked into one hardware solution. IdentityX is also designed to take advantage of new advancements, including more powerful smart devices and improved biometric modalities, so you can embrace innovation instead of defending against it. 



The diagram below illustrates the typical architecture of an IdentityX implementation.

Why IdentityX - Passwordless Authentication,  Biometric

  1. IdentityX SDKs (iOS & Android) plus DaonCapture (Web), W3C UAF/U2F
  2. Customer Business Tier (may include a variety of internal/external 3rd party systems such as risk engines, IAM, LDAP, KYC/AML, SIEM, etc. - that interfaces with IdentityX via Web Services, SAML or OpenID)
  3. IdentityX Platform - Daon’s core solution
  4. Biometric Algorithms: transform, matching, and liveness algorithms. Includes a variety of biometric modalities both 3rd party and Daon developed
  5. IdentityX Database - stores profiles, transactional data and metadata
  6. Admin Console: Browser based console for platform management and analytics

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