IdentityX as a Service

IdentityX as a Service is an alternative to the on-premises deployment model; it has become even more attractive with the advent of privacy enhancing technologies such as FIDO2, FIDO UAF and the continuing growth of cloud services adoption.

IDaaS Cloud

IdentityX as a Service is a fully managed service in which Daon is responsible for all third party licenses, hosting, incident management, SLAs, patches / updates, operations and business continuity.

Daon provides two distinct flavors of IdentityX as a Service:

  • Dedicated Hosting – Flexible hosting where dedicated resources are provisioned and managed for each customer in accordance with their security and operational requirements.
  • Multitenant Hosting – Customers are cryptographically isolated from each other in tenants, but the underlying IdentityX instance is shared.

Why IdentityX as a Service?

  • Deliver a faster time to market by reducing the dependency on in-house infrastructure / operations teams
  • De-risk deployments by eliminating a potentially complex install and commissioning process
  • Accelerate development by providing the ability to spin up multiple, isolated environments on demand
  • Seamless, zero downtime upgrade and patch management allowing new features to be consumed easily, while maintaining backward compatibility.
  • Enterprise grade security with ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certification.

Learn more about IdentityX as a Service

For more information on how you can utilize IdentityX as a fully managed service from Daon, or to discuss your unique requirements, get in touch with us here.