Daon Biometric Research Lab

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Over the years, Daon has committed to a significant level of research and development (R&D) into biometric technologies. Through this work we have achieved over 160 key patents and have defined biometric standards as board members of FIDO, ISO, European and other industry standards committees.

The Daon Biometrics Research Lab is powered by a team of scientists with Ph.Ds in the areas of face biometrics, voice biometrics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, speech recognition, security and related scientific disciplines.

The team's activities include:

  • Creating new biometric algorithms and intellectual property
  • Evaluating and configuring existing biometric technologies
  • Providing biometric expertise both within Daon and for customers

Over the past 20 years, our Biometrics Research Lab has benchmarked thousands of algorithm versions from nearly 100 different vendors, including leading finger, face, voice and eye systems. We select the best available algorithms and combine them with our own systems to address different usage scenarios and customer requirements. The research team actively creates new biometric algorithms and intellectual property to help make authentication more usable and more secure within Daon products.


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    The current focus of our biometrics research team is:
  • Enhancement of face, voice and behavioral biometrics, and identity document recognition and verification
  • Prevention of biometric presentation attacks (liveness detection)
  • Quality assessment of captured biometrics, which is used to provide user feedback and to better verify the user's identity
  • Supporting customer projects with biometric analysis and tuning expertise

Biometric and identity technologies continue to evolve at a rapid rate. Daon’s commitment to R&D means we are in a good position to protect our clients’ technology investment and enhances our ability to take advantage of new and emerging technologies. To learn more about our research team, or if you need assistance with your own project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.