IdentityX Omni-Channel Authentication

The IdentityX platform offers omni-channel device and human authentication through:

Machine Learning: IdentityX Omni-Channel authentication allows customers to gather data over time to create and augment an end-user’s enrollment profile. Furthermore, multiple interactions with an end-user through various channels builds a confidence in the user’s identity and helps identify abnormal authentication scenarios which could be indications of fraud.

Mobile authentication

The IdentityX FIDO Certified Server, iOS FIDO Client SDK, and Android FIDO Client SDK provide device and human authentication via the mobile channel.

  • FIDO Certified
  • Leverages native matching capabilities
  • Includes embedded authenticators for face, voice, palm, and more
  • Performs passive and active liveness and quality assessment for face
  • Performs text-validation and audio replay detection for voice
  • Offers both match on client and match on server
  • Collects device signals that can be used for input into a risk engine on the server-side
  • Online or offline

IdentityX – Digital Identity, Identity Verification

Web Authentication

Beyond mobile authentication, Daon offers authentication capabilities for the web channel to support PC based authentication or authentication on mobile devices without the requirement for installing native applications. IdentityX implements the W3C Web Authentication specification to support FIDO U2F tokens, security keys, and FIDO2 authenticators.

FIDO - IdentityX – Digital Identity, Identity Verification W3C - IdentityX – Digital Identity, Identity Verification stick - IdentityX – Digital Identity, Identity Verification
Keystroke Dynamics - IdentityX – Digital Identity, Identity Verification

Daon offers JavaScript libraries that can be leveraged by our customers to perform an additional passive authentication of an end-user based on the way that he or she types a phrase. Daon’s Keystroke Dynamics algorithm is used in conjunction with existing authentication methods (such as username and password) and provides a probabilistic score that can be used as an additional factor of authentication or can be used to determine if an additional step-up authentication is required.


Call Center Authentication

IdentityX allows Call Center visitors to be identified by their voice. The voice biometric solution works over standard phone lines and cellular and does not require the customer to have an app installed on their device; however, it does require that the customer was previously registered in the IdentityX system.

CallCenter table - IdentityX – Digital Identity, Identity Verification