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Forrester Report: AML for Crypto

AML for Crypto

Read Forrester's recent report on the key trends impacting anti-money laundering for cryptocurrencies.
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Forrester Report: AML for Crypto

Understanding AML for Cryptocurrencies.

The increase of crypto payments has boosted the complexity and volume of money-laundering activities. In this recent report, Forrester discusses how AML-for-crypto solutions work and offers practical guidance for crypto exchanges.

Inside this Report

Here's a sneak peek inside Forrester's recent AML-for-crypto report.

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Crypto Demand Is Surging

Crypto Demand Is Surging

Despite initial security, stability, traceability, and fraud concerns, cryptocurrency payments are proliferating and now exceed 4 trillion US dollars every year.

VASPs vs. Money Launderers

VASPs vs. Money Launderers

Money launderers are two steps ahead of VASPs in the cat-and-mouse game of performing and detecting cryptocurrency-based money laundering.

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Overcoming Security Blindspots

Overcoming Security Blindspots

Cryptocurrency blockchains contain only blocks and cryptographic hashes representing transactions, which results in a lack of direct insight into what’s happening.

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Using Identity Resolution

Using Identity Resolution

Identity resolution solutions link differently spelled names into clusters and allow more-precise transaction monitoring and AML.

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