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seamless travel airportUnlike the multitude of legacy biometric point solutions in the travel marketplace today, Daon provides an end-to-end authentication platform to solve the increasingly complex, omni-channel enterprise. Digital identity is the cornerstone of business transformation enabling our customers to lower cost and improve the user/customer experience in high consequence, high trust, high friction environments such as travel, financial services, online gambling, etc. The use of biometric technology is at a tipping point in next-generation identity platforms where the customer experience is central.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on many industries and its effects are likely to persist well into the future. Health professionals, economists, and business and government leaders are urgently searching for a path forward that allows people to return to their normal routine by restoring confidence in their safety and security. We believe that digital identities have provided these assurances to businesses and customers in many markets in the years leading up to the pandemic. By leveraging biometrics to create new opportunities for low touch/contactless solutions, we are able to begin laying the groundwork required for a return to social and economic normalcy while also significantly reducing the risk of a repeating wave of the pandemic.

Aviation travel is a perfect example of such an environment. Every trip through an airport (security or immigration checkpoint), flight, ride-share experience and hotel stay requires a high number of identity transactions, currently served with a combination of boarding passes, identity documents (driver’s license, passport), credit cards, etc. Despite the numerous technological innovations, it is not surprising that so few of our journeys are really “seamless.” In a seamless travel experience, individuals traversing the highly complex and secure system have the freedom and trust to use their digital identity to conduct financial transactions and receive membership benefits without anything more than a biometric and a mobile phone. The same biometric and phone allows them to “navigate” through essentially small cities, order transit, check-in to their hotel room, etc.

Although there are many biometric point solutions throughout the journey, what is necessary is a biometric “backbone” to connect all these stakeholders. This would allow for the exchange of information and notifications, as well as allow the consumer to control who they share their identity with since they are in the center of the transaction. By leveraging existing travel partnerships and building new ones, a “coalition of the willing” can create a global seamless, "touchless" travel solution that will reduce traveler friction with airlines, airports, hotels, ride-sharing companies and other stakeholders in the traveler’s journey, while increasing health, safety, trust, and ease-of-experience in a post COVID-19 world. 

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Foundational System Capabilities

Daon is developing the means to validate identities and create credentials to substantially increase opportunities for secure digital identity transactions required at multiple points during a traveler’s journey. By taking advantage of the four key differentiators below, “Daon powered systems” will ensure the desired outcome of providing a more user-centric, seamless travel experience with no loss of security or privacy:foundational system capabilities

  • Multi-Tenancy: Daon can create an index at a platform level that will link the biometrics to a unique identification number. We store the index, but no other personally identifiable information data (PII). For example, when a traveler enrolls through a travel partner (e.g., airline), we would only retain what we needed to create the index link for ongoing authentications/verifications and recovery and the other biographic data would be stored with the partner; such as an airline. Partners would not see each other’s PII, enabling for a privacy-centric system.
  • Enrollment: Like we have done for millions of financial services users and hundreds of financial services institutions who have added biometric capabilities to their systems, Daon will add an opt-in biometric feature to all participating partners’ applications within the ecosystem; such as an airport app or an airline flying within the airport, allowing their customers to enroll in our seamless travel system in a rapid and convenient manner.
  • Device/Central Biometric Matching and Storage: To address any “honeypot” concerns and any device tampering worries, Daon can lock down an enrolled biometric on a mobile device and receive an alert/notification if the traveler enrolls a different face image or alters the enrolled record.
  • Right to be Forgotten: If an enrollee wants to cancel their subscription with the program, we will eliminate their biometrics and cut the index link. This is critical from a privacy perspective. We will ensure that the ability to delete an enrollee’s information from some, or all partners they have shared with is easy and convenient – without impacting their future airport experience.


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Daon has established trusted relationships with some of the world’s most iconic financial services companies. Around the world, policy makers are conceding that it isn’t a matter of whether the privacy concerns overwhelm the need, it is a matter of the privacy concerns being managed to protect citizens’ data. “Daon powered” systems can be the trusted identity foundation organizations rely on for validation and security processes primarily by porting our existing capabilities and processes into the traveler experience. For more information, get in touch with us here.